Tips Parents Can Use to Save Money


Having children is the most precious joy parents can experience, however in today’s world, finding tips for parents can use to save money as precious. Grocery Bills can get huge fast when feeding a family with two or three children.

The most important tip a parent can use to save money is to be sure to have a list. That’s right. Roaming the grocery store can be deadly on the pocketbook. In addition, walking around the grocery store hungry is not too helpful either. So be sure to sit and have breakfast while making your list before heading out. It is a wise idea to plan your menus around store specials and use their flyers and coupons as well. This is a sure way for parents to save money on food.


Once you are at the grocery store begin looking for the generic brand of certain items you can often save quite a bit of money on anything from shampoo to laundry detergent, to canned goods and lunch meats. If you MUST have brand names, try shopping for some of the must haves in dollar stores. You might be surprised to learn how many brand name products are available for discounted prices. Keep in mind that parents can’t save money by purchasing the name brands.

Buy bulk. You can save quite a bit on your monthly bill. Though at first it may appear that you have spent more, you will shop much less frequent when you buy in bulk. In addition to large quantities, when cooking try to double your recipes. Real values are to be had on family packs on meats, so why not buy it, cook it up, freeze part of it and serve it up the next week? This saves not only money, but time that can be spent with your children. Using leftovers at the end of the week is another money saving idea. The “anything goes” casserole is a great dish that can combine whatever is left in your fridge and be tasty and fun!

Keep in mind packaging is expensive. Try not to buy single sized snacks as you end up paying more for the packaging than you do the snack. Make homemade cookies and bag them. Buy healthy granola, large bags of pretzels, and other fun snacks in bulk and bag them yourself with generic Zip-lock storage bags. If your children like fruit cups, invest in a few washable and reusable plastic cups with leak proof lids and make your own fruit cups. This will save money and is much better for your child.

Keep in mind that stores are designed to attract your children to unhealthy and expensive foods. So set rules and boundaries with your children. Offer them the grocery list or allow them to put a few things on the list into the cart. There are a great deal of tips parents can use to save money so keep your eye out for money saving ideas and remember that eating well doesn’t mean you have to go broke.