Simple Ways to Burn Calories


A new survey commissioned by Weight Watchers and conducted by Harris Interactive about half of U.S. women say losing weight will be one of their New Year's resolutions.

It is all well-intentioned however, many will break their resolutions. In January health club memberships soar and people buy more exercise equipment as they have every intent to lose weight, however many goals and plans go out the window.

Keep it simple by doing every day tasks. After the holidays are over, and the pies, candies and sugarplums have all danced on your hips, people take advantage of a New Year to shed some of those unwanted pounds.

Many of the daily activities we do can burn calories. So if you are not the type of person that enjoys routine exercise, here are some simple tips to burn calories.

If you surf on the internet and spend hours on the net, try jiggling your legs up and down, you can burn up to 150 calories per hour by simply tapping your legs up and down. This same process is effective with any activity such as working at a desk, watching TV, and talking on a telephone. The constant motion can help you burn calories away.


Simple household chores can also help burn calories. In fact, in a thirty-minute period you can burn almost 150 calories by moping, ironing, vacuuming, doing dishes, dusting, washing the car and most common household chores. Add a few chores to your list and allow those extra calories to burn away.

If you want to burn even more calories doing daily activities you can burn approximately 200-250 calories per 30 minutes by doing things like chopping wood, shoveling snow or dirt, gardening, mowing lawn, weeding, raking and painting. You also can get some good vitamin D by being outdoors.

Simple activities don’t always have to be work. If you are the type that enjoys fun activities, you can burn anywhere from 200-400 calories in 30 minutes by playing Ping-Pong, skating or skate boarding, walking the mall, dancing, golfing, bowling, playing Frisbee or catch and even love making.

For higher caloric burn and more strenuous but fun activities, you can burn 400-600 calories in 30 minutes by doing fun activities such as skiing, playing tennis or racket ball, swimming, jogging, and hiking. Remember strenuous activity can be fun and burn more calories.

Burning calories does not have to be difficult or bite into your hectic time frame. By doing a little extra around the house, or parking your car a little further from the store or enjoying yourself in a fun activity, the calories will automatically begins to burn. Make your resolution simple by making an effort to do one extra thing a day.

Updated May 10, 2016