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3 Empowering Lifestyle Changes To Finally Lose Weight

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Lifestyle changes for weight loss

Losing weight is not only about what you put in your body, but also what you put in your head. I’m not going to tell you positive thinking will help you finally shed those pounds, but I am going to tell you that lifestyle and mentality will help you stick to, and reach, your goals.


If you’ve been trying to lose weight but have been unsuccessful, or if you’ve just begun to work towards new goals, you may want to consider how you think about the word “diet.” There are two different ways to interpret a “diet.” A diet can be considered a meal plan to lose weight, get healthy and cut out fattening foods, or it can be seen as a chosen lifestyle. Not adopting your diet as a lifestyle will surely keep you out of those skinny jeans.

1. You Are Not “ON” a Diet, You “LIVE” a Diet
Living your life in a “diet mindset” tells your mind that this meal plan and exercise routine is temporary. This kind of thinking will keep your brain in a state of waiting for the diet to end so you can go back to your real life and box of cookies.

Your mind is powerful and it knows when you’re serious and when you’re putting on a show, even if that show is just for yourself. By fully committing to the lifestyle that is required for you to meet your goals, your mind then also becomes fully committed. Take the plunge and put all your effort (mental, emotional and physical) into living the lifestyle that supports your chosen diet.

If you’ve noticed, slim people don’t go on diets because they’ve chosen to live a healthy lifestyle with foods and activities that support that lifestyle. The cost/benefit for them is manageable and they choose foods and activities they enjoy that also keep them at their ideal weight. If you dream of cookies and donuts, find something that satisfies you just as much that isn’t processed or high in calories/sugar/fat. Change your mind to change your life.

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2. Set Realistic Goals, Not Dreamers Goals
If you want to lose 50 pounds, don’t start out by trying to lose 50 pounds. Your mind and body can’t comprehend how you’re going to go from 200 lbs to 150 lbs in 6 months and it will quickly decide it can’t be done. You can become easily overwhelmed when you only lose 2 pounds a week!

Go easy on yourself and set incremental goals that you know you’re capable of achieving. This sense of satisfaction of frequently reaching your goal and then setting the bar higher will increase your confidence, drive, energy and stamina. Losing weight is a marathon and if you go out of the gate at full speed you’re likely to burn out fast. It’s also important to reflect on the progress you’ve made frequently and celebrate the small victories. Keep the goal in mind, but don’t forget how far you’ve come. Go slow, reward yourself and just keep moving.

3. Find a Good Vibe Tribe for Mutual Support
Sharing your struggles, triumphs, goals and setbacks with someone going through the same thing as you is incredibly empowering. Your friends and family may be cheering you on, but doing it side-by-side with someone who completely understands your best and worst days will give you the support and accountability that will get you to the finish line.

You can join a gym or get a running partner or even find forums online. This sense of social support will make you feel good and also hold you to your goals. It’s easy to slip when you’re the only one who knows what you’re after. When you bring someone else in who you don’t want to disappoint, then you’re more likely to stick to the plan. Reach out and ask for help.

By incorporating these three simple changes into your life, you will not only make your goals more attainable, but you will also realize just how powerful you really are when you set your mind to something and don’t settle for anything less.



I too am a believer that lifestyle change is the way to go when it comes to real and sustainable weight loss. It's slow, not fast, but long term results. I am not sure if diets really help, but yes, you have to live your diet. You said it really well Morgan.