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Pokémon Go is Secretly the Best Weight Loss App on the Market

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Pokemon Go weight loss

Unless you’ve been exiled to Siberia, you surely have heard about the new app taking the world by storm, Pokemon Go. This free interactive game uses live maps in real-time to send users on a city-wide mission to “catch em all”.


You may have noticed grown men and women speed walking with determination around the city while staring at their phones. They are in competition with all other uses of the app to catch the pesky creatures before someone else does, and they are going to great lengths to do it.

Not only interactive, but this game is best played on foot because the creatures are not only placed along busy streets, but also in parks and inside buildings. A highly competitive game, this encourages users to get moving, and fast, so that they catch em before anyone else does.

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Although unintentional, this game is getting users outside, interacting with strangers and moving at the speed of light to get to a designated location before anyone else. It is also rivaling Twitter of volume of use and Facebook and Instagram are eating Pokemon dust!

This is a great thing for previously sedentary gamers, adolescents, and adults who don’t do much activity and spend the majority of their time inside sitting. While this is absolutely not a replacement activity for other types of exercise, it does have incredible benefits for those who were not so active.

This game is not only good for helping people move more and, in turn, lose some weight, but is also is a great mood booster! Combined with the time spent outside in nature, the pursuit of Pokemon and reward of catching them is a great mood booster. Studies show that time spent outside doing something you love boosts serotonin levels and send positive messages to the brain and elevates mood almost immediately.

Would you try it out for some fun and exercise this summer?