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Are Vegans Hungry All the Time? Not With These Protein-Rich Foods

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While you may think that vegans and vegetarians have such slim options when it comes to proteins that they nearly starve, quite the opposite is actually true! Nature provides quite the varied array of plant-based proteins that make cutting meat out of your diet less intimidating and much more manageable.


On average men need about 56 grams of protein a day and women should shoot for 46. Getting this from vegetables is not only easy, but it will help you be more conscious of what you are putting into your body and more creative in the kitchen.

If you’ve been thinking about cutting down on meat or cutting it out of your diet completely, these foods are great sources of protein to keep your body happy and functioning well.

Legumes (technically vegetables)
Garbanzo beans : 1 cup = 14.5g
Peas : 9g
Lentils : 1 cup = 18g
Black, Kidney, Pinto, Butter beans : 1 cup = ~14g
Lima Beans : 1 cup = 11.5g
*Don’t eat soy. Only fermented soy is good for us. The soy we are sold and the soy that is used in just about everything contains hormones that can manifest into ailments like premature puberty and man-boobs.

Non-dairy “Milk” Options (1 cup)
Coconut : 5g
Almond : 1g
Don’t drink soy milk. See above.

Vegetables (pretty much all of them, but especially these)
Brussel Sprouts : 1 cup = 6g
Spinach : 1 cup (cooked) = 6g
Broccoli : 1 cup 5g
Squash : 1 cup = 5.6g

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Avocado : 1 whole = 6g
Passion Fruit : 1 cup = 5.2g
Pomegranate : 1 whole = ~7g
Blackberries : 1 cup = ~2g

Brown Rice: 1 cup (cooked) = 6g
Seitan : ⅓ cup = 21g (east in moderation, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing)
Quinoa : 1 cup (cooked) = 9g
Oatmeal : 1 cup (cooked) = 6g
Sprouted grain bread : 2 slices = ~7g

There are many different types of non-dairy powdered supplements that can be added to just about any liquid to reach the daily requirement of protein. Just stay away from soy (again, see above) and whey (dairy-based protein). Pea protein, hemp, spirulina, etc are loaded with protein, vitamins and nutrients.

There are many, many benefits to a diet low in meat and our ancestors had it right with about only 20% of their diet consisting of meat.

As the building blocks of life, proteins convert into amino acids which promote cell growth and repair - very important for general workouts and bodybuilding. Without sufficient protein, the body can easily become malnourished and an array of ailments will manifest as a cry for help.

These are only a few of the numerous protein rich options available to vegans and vegetarians or people just looking to cut back on meat. A balanced diet is incredibly important and complete proteins are always the best option. I'll be covering complete proteins in depth later this week, so stay tuned!