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What To Do When Pollution Is Making You Fat and How Bad It Is

Pollution and fat weight loss

How can pollution and toxins from food keep you fat and what you can do against it.


Researchers found that environmental toxins, like air pollution, can meddle with your body's ability to control your blood sugar levels and burn fat. Isn't it scary that inhaling second hand smoke and exhaust fumes on your busy commute to work can make you obese? Your body naturally detoxifies harmful chemicals, but if you're frequently exposed to them (like living in metropolitan areas) these obesity-causing toxins might build up faster than you can get rid of them.

How Bad Is It?

The CDC found that babies are born with an average of approximately 300 artificial chemicals in their bodies with 217 being neurotoxins. Every adult they tested had significant levels of environmental toxins, like hormone-disrupting BPA in the urine.

There aren't any specific drugs that target air pollution in your body. But here are a few things that help your body detoxify itself:

Drink Your Daily Water

Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily. Water helps your kidneys flush toxins out of your body. If you're not getting enough water toxins won't move as freely from your organs and you'll urinate less – ultimately keeping toxins stagnant.

You can add powerful detoxifying effects to your water by adding a few teaspoons of oil of oregano or vinegar. These help cleanse your gut of toxins and any yeast or bacterial overgrowth (Ref: Nazareth College Document). Candida and bacterial overgrowth produce harmful levels of toxins. See how to lose 10 pounds with this detox diet.

Keep Detox Plants in Your Home

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NASA found that some plants filter benzene, formaldehyde and other airborne toxins given off by printers, monitors, and other electronics and appliances. The peace lily, aloe vera, Gerbera daisy, and English ivy are a few of these plants that can make your indoor air cleaner and more oxygen-rich. Here you can see plants that clean indoor air and which ones to choose.

Exercise and Dry-Skin Brush

Your body also flushes toxins through your skin's pores when you sweat. Exercising is the best way to perspire out toxins because it's free and helps burn excess fat. Environmental toxins are stored in fat and exercising frees those toxins by breaking down fat and flushes them out your body while you sweat. You'll also lose weight!

You can also burn fat and perspire out toxins by visiting a sauna, but it's not as effective as a 40-minute jog.

You should also spend 10 minutes every morning dry-skin brushing. This involves brushing a bristled comb gently over your arms and legs toward your heart. This unblocks your pores and increases circulation in your skin, which both move toxins out through your pores.

Eat Two Brazil Nuts Daily

If you eat fish you're inevitably introducing poisonous mercury into your body. Every seafood is naturally and artificially contaminated with mercury. Mercury steals your body's selenium, which it needs to fight toxins. Do you know which Sushi contains the least mercury and why?

Two Brazil nuts have enough selenium to neutralize mercury from seafood and give you your required daily selenium. If you're going to eat fish, have two of these antioxidant-rich nuts with your meal to prevent mercury toxicity and replenish your body's toxin-fighting chemicals.

You can't totally avoid pollution or toxins in your food. But there are things you can do to sweep your body free of these weight-gaining pollutants.

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