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Why Jamie Foxx Was Forced to See the Dentist After a Film Shoot and How You Can Avoid His Dental Condition

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In recent news, Jamie Foxx was forced to see the dentist after performing a stunt on the new TV show, “Sleepless.” Getting cracked teeth isn't limited to doing cinematic stunts. Here's what dentists want you to know.


While filming the TV show “Sleepless,” Jamie Foxx had to go see the dentist after a botched stunt where his co-star chipped his tooth by mistake. Chipped teeth are actually common, with 34 to 74 percent of people between 30 to 50 developing the orthodontic disease.

A cracked tooth is diagnosed as a possible endodontic condition (depending on the severity) where fractures are present in the enamel of the tooth. A tooth is more likely to become cracked if it's been heavily restored, and any work done on teeth, like braces (including invisalign) and dental implants, can increase the likelihood of cracked tooth syndrome. But, teeth and tooth whitening and wearing partial dentures don't increase the likelihood of cracked teeth. If the crack is deep enough, root canal treatment may be required. If the crack goes deeper than the root, the tooth may not be able to be saved and must be extracted.

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General oral pain and radiating pain around the affected tooth and jaw are symptoms of a cracked tooth. That's why it's best to see your dentist as soon as you experience any recurring oral pain. If you postpone a dental appointment and have a cracked tooth, the crack can deepen.

Genetics may predispose you to cracked teeth, but your dental hygiene also plays a role. Every time your doctor fills a cavity, your chances of getting a cracked tooth increase – so keeping your teeth clean and not getting cavities helps prevent the development of cracked teeth. If you grind your teeth, it also increases your likelihood of cracked teeth. Getting punched in the teeth, like Jamie Foxx, isn't the only external force that can cause cracked teeth – routinely eating hard foods, like some cultural diets in Singapore and specialty Singapore dishes, can increase your likelihood of developing cracked teeth.

You can't avoid increasing your risk for cracked teeth because as you get older, your teeth get weaker and cracks are just more likely. But according to TwentyTooth, you can help prevent developing cracked teeth by taking care of your enamel. Don't eat enamel-destroying foods and make sure to brush and floss thrice a day. Stop yourself from grinding your teeth, and if you're grinding your teeth at night (bruxism), then you can use a bruxism guard to shield your teeth from damage and prevent cracking them.

You don't have to get hit in the teeth, like Jamie Foxx, to get a cracked tooth. It happens to at least a third of people aged 30 and up. Take more care of your teeth as you age to prevent cracked teeth.