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Why Getting More Sleep Means Making More Money in 2017

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Recent studies show that employees aren't getting enough sleep - and it's affecting their corporation's income! Are you getting enough sleep, and is it affecting your money making?


Sometimes work piles up and you have to work overtime – but then it starts happening every month, then every week. Before you realize it, you're working overtime three out of five days and it becomes the norm for you. But that means you get paid loads of cash – so you go through with the suffering, thinking you're making more money. But are you? Researchers found that sleeping less than six hours a day leads to lower productivity, which means you're working overtime because you're not getting enough done during the day because you're less efficient.

But sometimes it's not your fault, but upper management's. For example, Amazon has been known to send employees emails, voicemails, or texts after 12 a.m. and then scolds these sleeping employees when these go unanswered. It happens globally – surveys found that over 20 percent of Japanese corporations' employees are sleep deprived. It's costing the national economy billions – results show that every year the U.S. loses 411 billion dollars from sleep deprived employees, while Canada, the U.K., and Germany lose between 20 to 60 billion.

If you want to avoid sleep deprivation without working less, here's what you can do:

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Take short breaks every hour of work. Taking short breaks during work will help you sleep better at night because you'll have lower stress and your body will be more apt to fall asleep. Taking short breaks also boosts your productivity and assures you won't be sitting for too long, which has been found to increase your risk of death from all causes.

Upgrade your sleep equipment. Some companies encourage naps during work to boost your productivity. Bring a comfortable desk pillow to work and use that for napping when your productivity is low. Change your old mattress for a newer, comfortable mattress. If you're short on cash, try buying a high-quality air mattress, which can be more comfortable and supportive than a pricier, low-quality regular mattress.

Take sleep-boosting supplements and remedies daily. Many holistically healthy natural sleep aids can help boost your sleep quality and rejuvenate your whole body. Chamomile tea boosts your metabolism and helps you sleep better at night. The American Skullcap has been found to boost your mood, lower your anxiety, and help you get better sleep. And of course, melatonin supplements can boost your sleep significantly.

If you want to make more money, sleep more! Don't fall into the cycle of working overtime, then not sleeping, then having to work overtime again because you've been sleep deprived. Try these tips to restart your healthy sleep cycle.