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Weekend Weight Loss Warriors: Now Scientists Say It's Okay

Weekend fitness

If you're trying to lose weight or be healthier for the new year but find that you can't really squeeze daily exercise time into your busy corporate life, scientists are now saying it's okay! They say that it's not about when you exercise, but how you exercise that's important.


The World Health Organization and a plethora of other accredited health agencies along with almost every doctor on the planet recommend that adults get about 2.5 hours of exercise every week. But, let's face it – you won't always have 15 minutes everyday to put on your sweats and sweatbands to pump iron, jump on the treadmill, or go for a jog. Paperwork piles up, kids have appointments, and when it's too cold out – you just don't feel like heading to the gym!

But if you're responsible and make sure to get all your 2.5 hours of exercise in during the weekends, researchers found that it really doesn't make a significant difference than if you exercised daily. They found that risk of dying from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer were only 1 to 5 percent higher in participants who exercised only on the weekends compared to those who exercised everyday.

Researchers believe that one of the reasons why the health benefits are negligible between weekend warriors and daily joggers is because of the performance. If you're religiously exercising everyday, then you're more likely than not to have days when you don't put in a lot of effort and you exert half-baked efforts that wouldn't really count as moderate exercise – especially on days when you cram exercise into a schedule that doesn't allow for it. On the other hand, if you only exercise during the weekend in one-hour blocks, you're mostly likely devoting a stress-free, uncongested block of time to your workouts. This means you'll be more likely to give your weekend exercise more serious effort and do things right.

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If you're only getting exercise during the weekend, you're far better off than many Americans. According toreports, less than 35 percent of American adults get their 2.5 hours of exercise each week. Most Americans want to lose weight, but if they don't exercise they have to cut more carbs from their daily meals. Try these tips to help you get rid of belly fat:

Build abs. If you still have some stubborn fat around your belly or want faster results from your workout and diet, you can build your abdominal muscles to help mask the fat. More toned abs helps make fat look leaner, which means even if you didn't lose the fat yet, it will look like you did.

Do more exercises that workout large muscle groups. Muscles are the major calorie-burners when you're working out. The Hospital for Special Surgery says that working out larger muscle groups means you'll be burning more calories. Your leg muscles are one of these large muscle groups – do leg-intensive exercises, like running, soccer, and cycling, and you'll burn more calories.

No longer should you feel bad if you only exercise on the weekends. It's not about when you exercise, but how you exercise – you might actually be doing better workouts than people who half-bake their daily gym trips.