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Want to Get a Cleaning on the Go? You Might Just Be in Luck – Dental Mobile Clinics Might Be the Next Thing in Dental Care!

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There may be a new movement where dentists will start going mobile! At least that's what one dental group is doing now. Hopefully they'll start a trend that ends up with you being able to get a quick cleaning the same way you can get fast food at a drive-thru.


The good dentists and dentists-to-be from Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California set up one of the largest clinics worldwide at a Pasedena church. Their clinic is unique because it's mobile – it's made up of two trailers and a mobile home. Everything they would need on a routine basis is there, like X-ray machines.

They offered free dental services to up to 600 appointments to low-income children between the end of February and the first week of March. The director of the mobile clinic program, Dr. Santosh Sundaresan, says that dental pain is the second major reason why school children miss school – he stresses the importance of keeping up your oral care because it influences many aspects of your life.

Other dental groups may feel inspired and start offering mobile clinics too – and not just for the uninsured! It would be nice to drop by a “dental clinic truck” and get your teeth done before you head to a business meeting or date. It would also up your dental hygiene, which can help prevent dental problems from causing heart problems.

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But for now, you can start upping your dental hygiene by following these tips:

Stop drinking soda. Soda has been linked with eroding your teeth! If you're diligently brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash two to three times a day, you might be lucky enough to stave off its teeth-destroying effects. But if you're already forgetting to brush your teeth at least twice every other day, then drinking soda can be the push that causes irreversible harm to your teeth.

Chewing on ice. Some people think it's cute or fun to chew on ice. While chewing on ice as a snack has a lot of benefits – hydration, zero carb snacking, and it boosts your metabolism because your body has to burn more fat to stay warm – Encore Dental says it's bad for your teeth. Chewing on ice for the long term can wear your enamel and cause tooth fractures. It's perfectly safe to let ice melt in your mouth, though – so do that instead of biting down!

Be on the lookout in your neighborhood for a dental mobile clinic – it's a great way to boost your oral hygiene when you're on the go! But for now, take care of your oral health as best you can because it affects the rest of your body, especially your heart.