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Want a Free Baby Crib? Some States Are Giving Them Away

SIDS, baby crib

Various states are giving out free baby cribs! But you might not like what you're going to get... Also, here's some information on SIDS.


If you live in Alabama, Ohio, or New Jersey, you could be one of the lucky parents who receives a free baby crib from the state. All three states are planning on giving away about 305,000 baby cribs in total.

But you might not like what you're going to get – which is a cardboard box! All parents of newborns are eligible to receive the cardboard box with a firm foam mattress and tight-fitting sheet, plus diapers, wipes, breastfeeding accessories, and more! But before you can get these wonderful freebies, you'll need to watch an online educational video about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and passing a short quiz.

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The freebie program is actually an effort to curb the number of SIDS victims, which accounts for close to 3,500 baby deaths every single year in the United States. The program got its idea from Finland, who started giving out free baby boxes to expectant moms 80 years ago. Now Finland is the country with the lowest baby death rates.

The cardboard boxes complete with the firm foam mattress and tight-fitting bedsheet actually pass rigorous guidelines for SIDS, which means although they might be crude – they're adequate to protect your newborn from this fatal condition. They last for up to six months, which is the timeframe when newborns are at most risk for SIDS.

If you have a newborn, here are some basic guidelines for avoiding SIDS:

  • Don't share your bed with your baby. Bed-sharing is a risk factor for SIDS. Keep your newborn in his crib at night and don't let him sleep with you.
  • But make sure your newborn sleeps in your room. Although you're not to share the same bed as your newborn, it's almost mandatory that your newborn sleeps in your room until he's at least one year old. This has been shown to lower risk of SIDS by 50 percent.
  • Place him on his back. The proper way to put your newborn to bed is on his back – this has been shown to lower risk of SIDS.

Get your free crib today if you live in these three states! If not, hopefully now you know more about SIDS and will be more proactive in preventing it.