The Truth Behind Expiration Dates and Best By Dates

Food expiration dates

Do you know the difference between "expired by" and "best by" dates? Research shows not paying attention to one can make you fat.


There’s a lot of confusion concerning food date labels. For instance, many people are not aware that there’s a huge difference between ‘’best by’’ and ‘’expires on.’’

The fact is, best by dates and expiration dates are two very different things. Best before dates are about taste and appearance. Expiration dates, on the hand, are about food safety. In other words, you need to pay a lot more attention to expiration dates than you do best by dates. Here is why:


Expiration dates are found on a select group of foods like ready-to-eat meat and refer to the last safe date before the product turns bad and potentially dangerous. Eating expired food can cause food poisoning and also fill your body with toxins that make you gain weight. Hence, if you eat expired food and have found yourself unable to shed pounds recently, it could be partly due to the toxins in expired foods.

Mold is an obvious sign of food that’s out of date. Many types of mold produce toxic substances that may grow on all kinds of food, including nuts, grapes, apples and many other foods. And these toxins, believe it or not, can make you fat. It’s kind of like the opposite of a detox diet. You’re filling your body with waste and those toxins interfere with your body’s metabolism. Hence, reducing your body’s ability to burn calories.

Are you struggling to gain weight even though you’re eating well and exercising plenty? Toxins may be to blame. Thus, be careful about eating expired foods that contain toxins, as this could be the reason for your weight gain or at least, for your inability to lose weight. Make sure you pay close attention to expiration dates on food from now on. Your body is counting on it.


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