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Trump Cancels Important CDC Conference on Health Effects of Climate Change

Trump, global warming

Trump doesn't believe in global warming caused by industrial processes, but now his beliefs are turning into governmental actions. One of the first things he's done to further his beliefs is cancel a meeting of scientists on the potential adverse health side effects of climate change.


An important conference this February 14 was supposed to be held by the CDC on the frightening health effects caused by climate change has been put on hold. The CDC hasn't officially canceled the conference, and stated it's trying to reschedule it at a later time. It seems that the Trump administration is behind the conference's sudden halt.

The new presidential administration has also told many environment-related governmental agencies not to tell the public anything concerning the conference or global warming or what they're currently doing. Affected agencies include the EPA, the United States Arctic Commission, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

But does Trump have the cosmic right to decide whether a scientific issue is real or not? He doesn't have a degree in environmental science or related science or health credentials. Even though 97 percent of climate scientists (with actual degrees in environment-related fields) agree that global warming is real, Trump was able to use his presidential power to cancel the conference.

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Whether it's fair or not, you should decide for yourself if global warming is real or not. Here's are some things to consider:

Global warming can cause addiction to painkillers. According to Detox of South Florida, researchers found that animals and people between the ages of 15 to 24 that have been exposed to air pollution experienced non-specific pain in their abdomen. That means that chronic exposure to air pollution will cause chronic pain in many people, which will lead to long-term painkiller prescriptions and addiction to opioids.

Global warming harms children. Researchers found that exposure to fossil fuel combustion significantly increases the likelihood that children and even fetuses exposed to air pollutants from the mother's bloodstream develop asthma, cancer, developmental impairment, lower birth weight, infant mortality, lung function deficits, and other scary adverse effects. In fact, there's evidence that a mother's exposure to air pollution can cause autism in her developing child. Researchers studied pregnant women and found that those who were exposed to more air pollution had a higher prevalence of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Global warming can cause global obesity. Scientists found that air pollution can tax your body's metabolism and proper sugar management because it's busier dealing with the pollutants. That means that chronic exposure to air pollution can cause your body to become chronically inefficient at controlling your fat and sugar metabolism, which leads to weight gain on a global level.

Trump doesn't believe in global warming – that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Weigh all the evidence and then ask if it's okay that he was able to cancel a crucial global warming conference.



There have been one million extra winter deaths in the UK alone since this scam started. The Lancet had a study showing that cold not heat was the main killer globally. The simple fact is that almost all of us benefit from warmer winters more than we suffer from hotter summers.