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2 Hair Loss Drugs Linked with Depression: Try Natural Alternatives Instead

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Canadian researchers have found evidence that finasteride and dutasteride can increase your risk for depression. Here's what you need to know, and some natural alternatives that can restore your hair growth.


Hair loss affects both males and females. In fact, by the time people hit 50 years old, 85 percent of males and 67 percent of females will have experienced some degree of hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by chemotherapy, some medications, and some treatable disorders. In these cases, hair will usually regrow on its own after the disease is cured or the treatment is stopped.

But natural hair loss is the most prominent type of hair loss – and this kind won't recover on its own except in some cases. People may turn to commercial treatments to combat their hair loss, and most of them do work.

But if you're taking finasteride or dutasteride for your hair loss, you should consider stopping! Researchers have found that these two medications can cause depression, but not suicidal tendencies. It's not worth getting your hair back but feeling miserable about everything else – especially when there are healthier ways to get your hair back.

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If you're experiencing hair loss and want to avoid the toxins and possible side effects of pharmaceuticals, try these proven healthy ways to bring back your hair:

Biotin. Biotin is vitamin B7, which your body needs for many of its life-sustaining processes. Researchers also found that taking biotin for three months or longer promotes hair growth in women with thinning hair. The biotin hair growth rate is gradual and not overnight – this means you'll have to be patient. If you want to source your biotin from natural foods, try almonds, avocados, and carrots, which are all rich sources of vitamin B7.

Pumpkin seed oil. Applying pumpkin seed oil directly to your scalp and leaving it for six hours or longer has been found to significantly bring back hair growth in men. You only need to apply it twice or thrice per week, depending on how long you leave it on your scalp. You'll start seeing results within weeks, but you'll see the most regrowth after 24 weeks.

Try to move away from commercial hair regrowth products and move towards these healthy and natural remedies. Biotin is good for your body, which means (unless you somehow overdose) it can only help your health rather than tax your system while helping regrow your hair. Pumpkin seed oil also has many holistic health benefits, but the kind they sell for topical application usually isn't suited for ingestion.



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