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The Surgeon General Is Asking America's Doctors for Help With the Nation's Opioid Epidemic

opioid epidemic help

Shocking recent news reveals that the surgeon general is about to release a mass statement announcing America's opioid epidemic. If you've dipped into the dark world of opioids or are a heavy drinker, it could harm your weight loss efforts and general health. Fear not, there are natural healthy remedies that can help you quit.


The news is bustling about the first time the U.S. surgeon general is sending a mass communication to every doctor in the country – the sad part is, it's not about a scary virus or bacteria, but about drug addiction caused by them.

Surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy is going to urge all physicians to bring their attention to opioid misuse resulting in over 20,000 overdose-caused deaths every year. The majority of these people aren't street criminals who illegally score drugs – they're patients being prescribed painkillers who become addicted.

Part of the problem is that healthcare providers, including doctors and nurses, aren't taught that opioids are addictive even if the patient is suffering from extreme pain. Because of this, they liberally prescribe opioids if a patient is diagnosed with pain. The surgeon general is now trying to curtail these liberal prescriptions by raising awareness of their dangers.

Weight Gain and Memory Problems

Opioids and alcohol can tax your liver and make you gain weight because your liver can't maintain your fat and carb burning efficiency.

Since they are both toxins, they may also increase your body's fat production and lower your metabolism and blood sugar control.

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Alcohol abuse can also cause memory problems. It can cause Wernick-Korsakoff syndrome, which is fatal in 20 percent of cases. You can find more information here. This serious condition can cause permanent brain damage and memory loss, and can severely impair your ability to learn. It develops from chronic vitamin B1 deficiency (because alcohol impairs your body's ability to absorb vitamin B1).

3 Natural Remedies for Opioid and Alcohol Withdrawal

If you're a victim of opioid addiction because you've been obediently taking your prescribed painkillers, there are natural remedies that can help you quit. Some of these remedies also help with alcohol addiction.

Milk thistle has been found to boost your liver health and cure it from damage caused by heavy drinking. If your liver is healthier, it can neutralize the opioids and alcohol in your system faster. Milk thistle is also an antioxidant, so it neutralizes toxins in your body on its own. Studies show that it also helps you lose weight by lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Kratom is a plant-based South Asian traditional remedy. It has been found to help with opioid withdrawal and also relieves chronic pain. Kratom also helps with insomnia and other sleep quality issues. But some research has shown that it can be addictive, so it's best to ask your doctor before trying this remedy.

Taking thiamine supplements daily can prevent Wernick-Korsakoff syndrome. Since B1 is a crucial nutrient, taking daily B1 supplements will also fortify your body's defenses and improve your overall health. It helps prevent cancer too, since studies show that a vitamin B1 deficiency is common in cancer patients.

If you're currently on prescription pain medications, please ask your doctor if he's aware they can make you addicted. If you find yourself addicted to opioids, try these three natural remedies – they'll boost your overall health and also help you lose weight. They work on alcohol addiction too!