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The Polls Are In: The Vegetarian Atkins Diet Is One of the Best Diets for 2017

Vegetarian Atkins Diet

People have voted on the best diets to try this new year. The rankings are in and here's one of the top healthiest diets!


Nutritionists, doctors, and many credentialed health pros got together and ranked 38 diets to see which ones are healthiest. They also ranked these 38 diets for the “easiest to follow,” “best diets overall,” “fastest weight loss,” and more!

Surprise! The vegetarian version of the Atkins diet, called the “Eco-Atkins” diet, is one of the fastest, but healthiest diets to help you lose weight. It was developed from the Atkins diet by a nutrition science expert from the University of Toronto. His formula is vegetable-based proteins, like soy and beans, making up 31 percent of your calories, and 43 percent of your calories comes from vegetable-based fats, like nuts and seeds. Only 26 percent of your total calories comes from actual carbs.

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This vegetarian Atkins diet can help you lose 8 pounds in one month and lower your blood pressure and blood fat and cholesterol levels. The experts claim it's healthier than the regular Atkins diet and helps you lose weight faster, but it's hard to follow because you have to go vegetarian, which isn't so easy for people who weren't vegetarian before.

If part of your New Year's resolution is trying to lose weight, dieting is just one aspect. You should also be exercising. You can complement your faster weight loss Eco-Atkins diet with a faster fat-burning waist trainer that can boost the effectiveness of your workouts by up to 200 percent. They also help you keep good posture, which helps prevent back pain and other back problems. But researchers caution you not to wear a waist trainer for too long or too frequently because it can weaken your core muscles. They also say that waist trainers haven't been studied extensively – so their benefits and dangers are still unknown.

Try out the Eco-Atkins diet if you want a faster, healthier diet for weight loss. But remember that dieting is only one part of the weight loss equation – you must also exercise and sleep right.



I went vegan for ethical reasons 24 years ago and I lost excess weight without even trying. I’ve kept the weight off and I feel healthier overall, but the best part is knowing that my healthy food choices don’t harm animals or degrade the environment. It’s a win-win. Besides, vegan foods taste great and I can still enjoy vegan chocolate and other treats in addition to my nutritious vegan meals.