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Pharmaceutical industry fights back against Trump: This is their new look

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President Trump, has launched harsh words at the pharmaceutical industry over the high cost of prescription drugs and now they are fighting back with a new look. Trump has also successfully caused stock market prices in drug industry to drop.


Have you ever suffered as the result of high medication costs? Suffer no more, because Trump has promised to tear down the pharmaceutical industry's reign of terror. He has promised to rectify the rising prices of pharmaceuticals and make medications more accessible to the general American.

What did the pharmaceutical industry have to say? They wanted to keep their high profits, so now they're reshaping their image, seen in the video below:

But this kind of campaign isn't revolutionary at all – it's a rehash of what pappa pharma has been doing whenever the public starts complaining about excessive drug pricing. According to historians of medicine, the public has two major concerns with the pharmaceutical industry: The first is inventing new pharmaceuticals that address incurable diseases and ailments with lousy treatments. The second is making drugs accessible to everyone.

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Medication accessibility is an issue facing many Americans. According to the National Institutes of Health, only 35 percent of needed medications are available through public facilities, and less than 65 percent are available in the private sector. Why are medications not accessible? Researchers say that one factor is that 50 percent of medications are incorrectly prescribed and misused by patients, which means a lot of people are not taking the right medications, which means those who really need them suffer.

Less accessibility to medications can lead to untreated diseases across the spectrum. For example, drug detox rehabilitation centers often can't accommodate addicts who can't afford the medical detox pharmaceuticals used in the center's treatment regimen. Without these detox pharmaceuticals, addicts face the full brunt of withdrawal symptoms, which makes recovery harder.

According to the University of Minnesota, a study on NYC's eight most prescribed drugs found that there were different prices for three of the drugs across the Five Boroughs. Advair, amlodipine, and lisinopril were significantly more expensive in different boroughs while offering the same exact medications as those in other boroughs. The researchers found the price discrepancies had nothing to do with many competing pharmacies in a particular borough – they were just low or high. That means if you're unfortunate enough to live in one borough, you might have to pay more for one of these drugs or be inconvenienced to travel to another borough where you can buy it cheaper.

Trump has made promises to end high pharmaceutical prices. Let us hope he keeps his word. In the meantime big Pharma is getting a new look that appears to be designed to fight back.

Updated 1/24/2017