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New Sleep-wake Neural Circuit Discovered: 3 Troubleshooting Tips for Sleepless Nights

3 Troubleshooting Tips for Sleepless Nights

Recent news reveals that researchers discovered a new neural pathway in the brain that's responsible for your sleep-wake cycle. With these findings, scientists can develop better sleep medications that can give you higher quality sleep – which means you'll lose more weight and be healthier in general.


Sleep is very important for your health. If you're not sleeping well, researchers found that your metabolism is lower and you'll crave more food.

If you're having trouble sleeping and went to your doctor, he probably prescribed you some benzodiazepines to help you sleep. But these medications shut down you're whole brain, which isn't what real sleep is like.

There's good news! Researchers were studying mice and found a specific neural circuit that seems to die down when the mice go to sleep and get lively when the mice wake up. They think this newly discovered brain circuit could be key in treating insomnia since human neural pathways are very similar to mice's.

This means scientists can make drugs that only target this specific brain circuit instead of affecting your whole brain. These potential drugs would bring you more natural sleep, which is higher quality sleep than what current sleep meds can provide. And with better sleep comes a faster metabolism and less food cravings!

3 Troubleshooting Tips to Boost Your Sleep Quality

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Of course, these higher quality sleep drugs aren't available yet. Scientists have only discovered the mode, but haven't yet made the tools. But, don't worry – if you're not getting healthy sleep, here are some troubleshoot tips that can boost your sleep:

1. According to, NootropicsJournal.com taking GABA supplements can lower your stress and help you sleep better. GABA is produced naturally by your brain, and some studies show that taking GABA food supplements helps clear anxiety and boost your sleep. But, some researchers feel that it isn't as effective as what's claimed. But, people who have tried GABA supplements do say it helps them sleep, so you can certainly ask your doctor if it will help improve your sleep.

2. Dr. Kohler of Every Smile Family Dentistry and Orthodontics advises that you see your dentist as soon as you start experiencing tooth aches or discomfort coming from your gums. Researchers found that about 50 percent of people experiencing dental anxiety also suffered from poor sleep. Rather than worry about seeing the dentist and postponing getting treated, you should just get it over with so you won't lose sleep about it.

3. Healthline advises that you not use any electronics an hour before going to bed. It seems everyone's app-crazy these days because there's an app for everything -- even apps for sleeping! You probably also check your email in bed with your phone. But, try to pry yourself away from your smartphone 60 minutes before bedtime. Researchers found that the light emitted by electronics keeps your brain awake, making it harder to sleep. Why not meditate for an hour instead? It will certainly help wind you down for bed.

In the near future your doctor can prescribe better sleep medications thanks to this newly discovered brain circuit. These better sleep meds will boost your weight loss too. But for now, try these three troubleshooting tips if you find yourself lying in bed unable to sleep.