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Natural Remedies to Help Whiten Your Teeth

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As you age, your teeth inevitably loses its pearly white appearance. Don't fret! There are inexpensive, natural remedies that help restore your teeth's beautiful luster.


Remember all those years you spent drinking coffee in the morning to get you ready for school or work, then relaxing with a glass of wine after dinner? These are two foods that stain your teeth, and the effects can be longer-lasting if you don't brush your teeth within hours of consuming them.

WebMD says these other things can stain your teeth:

  • Drinking soda
  • Chewing tobacco or smoking

They also say that not brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash adequately can let stain-causing bacteria grow in your mouth and leave staining bits of food around your teeth. Over time, eating all these foods and going through these routines tend to stain your enamel. As you age, your enamel wears too, which exposes the yellow dentin below.

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Of course, there are dental procedures and materials that can significantly restore your teeth to the pearly whites they used to be. There are even professional teeth whitening kits you can use at home that utilize whitening gels activated by an LED light that you bathe your mouth in for a period of time everyday. Unfortunately these can be costly. Luckily, there are natural healthy remedies that can also remove stains and whiten your teeth:

Baking soda and strawberries. If you mix diluted baking soda with strawberries until you make a paste, you can brush your teeth with it to remove stains and hopefully whiten your teeth. Strawberries are rich in malic acid, which naturally whitens enamel. Baking soda removes stains on your teeth the same way it removes stains when using it to clean your home – but it's not toxic! In fact, consuming baking soda now and then has holistic health benefits, like alleviating upset stomach, heartburn, ulcers, and making your body more alkaline. But how does the mixture of strawberries and baking soda stand up to professional dental whitening procedures? Well, researchers found that the mixture does whiten teeth, but not as effectively as specially made dental whitening materials.

Yogurt. First and foremost, yogurt is very good for your body – it's filled with probiotics that enrich your digestive system. The University of Rochester Medical Center says that yogurt also contains calcium, phosphates, and other minerals that enrich and strengthen your teeth after other teeth-wearing foods have depleted them. Rubbing yogurt onto your teeth daily helps ensure these minerals are absorbed into your teeth.

Don't feel bad if your teeth are starting to lose their luster. Get your pearly whites back by trying these natural home remedies. If they don't satisfy you, then get to your dentist for a professional whitening!