Naples Is the No. 1 City in America for Happiness and Wellbeing

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Naples, Florida makes it to the top of a survey of 189 U.S. cities for happiness and wellbeing. But you don't have to move there to be happy and feel awesome – try these healthy tips to invigorate your life!


The latest nationwide survey in the news found that Naples, Florida has the residents with the most positive outlook and sense of purpose out of all the people living in the United States. It's the second year they've won the happiness prize!

The survey takes a look at many factors when deciding the overall wellbeing of residents, including their social and financial sense of self, the overall community, and their physical health. But, you can be even happier than the happiest resident in Naples by upping these four factors in your life. Here are some tips to help you:

Walk everyday and participate in marathons. Naples' mayor attributes its residents' happiness with the city's walking-encouraged and bike-friendly atmosphere. Walking is great exercise, and when you walk outside where there are trees, shrubs, grass, and other vegetation, it boosts your happiness and feeling of connectedness.


These benefits are even better when you're running with others in a marathon – you'll be getting some great cardio and boosting your social life! If you do enter a marathon, make sure to eat more clean proteins beforehand to give your muscles ample source of energy to keep you going throughout the race.

Buy thrifty, but healthy. If you want to boost your financial health while preserving your physical health, you can be more proactive while grocery shopping. That doesn't mean you have to scavenge and hoard coupons from every newspaper and newsletter you come across – if that's not your thing.

Buy cheaper versions of healthy foods that don't sacrifice nutrition or add toxic preservatives – for example, frozen fruit, like blueberries, are cheaper and actually more nutritious than fresh fruit. Researchers found that frozen fruit may have higher vitamin C content, and fresh fruit lose nutrition when sitting on grocery shelves for a long period of time. Fruits that are frozen right after harvest may actually have more nutrition than fresh fruit you buy!

You don't have to move to Naples to be happy like their residents. Try these two tips to boost your financial, social, and physical health!