Melissa McCarthy Lost 75 Pounds! Here's Her Secret and Other TIps That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Lousing 75 pounds

Melissa McCarthy, famously known for her role in Ghostbusters, is in the news for her recent triumph over obesity. She didn't do it to fit into Hollywood's view of beautiful. Here's her motivation and a secret she's shared about how she did it.


Abby Yates, one of the paranormal researchers of the Ghostbusters ghost busting team, was played by Melissa McCarthy in the 2016 Ghostbusters. Her fame brought attention to her weight, and she decided to do something about it. She tells the media that she's lost 75 pounds! She didn't do it for Hollywood or for peer pressure – she proudly says she did it for her family and for herself. She did it for her health so she could stay strong to support and be with her family.

What's her secret? She says the biggest impact on her weight loss efforts was taking the effort to change her daily lifestyle and habits. She says the largest contributor to her losing weight is making sure to go to bed at 7:30 p.m. every night. She says it keeps her from snacking or eating late at night. But researchers have also found that sleeping at night helps you lose weight because it helps assure you're getting a long, good night's sleep. Your metabolism is lower at night even when you're awake, so sleeping at night also makes sure you aren't taking in any carbs that won't burn as efficiently as during the daytime.

Here are a few more weight loss tips you should incorporate into your weight loss regimen and how to lose belly fat in 2 weeks:


Don't drink! It's the holidays and if you're over 21, you're sure to have a couple of spirited eggnogs. Try to keep the alcohol limited to office and family holiday parties though. Alcoholic beverages are high-calorie without much nutrition (although there are exceptions). Alcohol is also toxic and taxes your liver so you can't burn fat or carbs as efficiently, which leads to your body storing more fat.

Don't stop exercising. According to the National Institutes of Health, most people view inclement weather as a barrier to exercising. Snow, rain, hail, and cold winds stop people with asthma and other sensitive chronic conditions from exercising because it's harder for them to breathe under these conditions. Don't let the weather or cold temperatures stop you from your daily run. Use an indoor treadmill if it's too much of a hassle to run outside in the cold. If you don't have a condition, know that exercising in cold weather actually helps you burn more fat and boosts your metabolism than exercising in warmer temperatures – so use that as motivation!

Intermittently fast. If you keep your calorie intake below 1000 once a week, you're sure to lose at least one pound per week provided you're staying on a good regimen of exercise and dieting the rest of the week. You can easily drop your calorie intake by intermittently fasting for one day out of seven. This way, if your current weight loss plan is making you lose a pound per week, intermittently fasting once a week brings that total to two pounds per week!

Melissa McCarthy dropped her pounds for her personal health – you should do the same. Being fit helps you live longer and happier. If you follow these tips, you can lose at least 10 pounds in one month.