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Make a New Year's Resolution to Spend More Time With Your Children to Make Them Healthier

Good new year resolution

If you're busy working or regularly too preoccupied, you might not realize you've started spending less time with your children. Make the change this 2017!


The National Institutes of Health says that healthy children should get an hour of exercise everyday – but not just any exercise, it should be moderate activity, like running or skipping. But they also say your children should do vigorously intense activities thrice a week, like jumping jacks and swimming fast. They should also do bone-strengthening and muscle-strengthening activities thrice a week, like playing sports and doing pushups and pullups.

Since your children can't very well perform these weekly requirements by themselves or unattended, it means you should be playing with them at park playgrounds at least thrice weekly. You should also be playing ball sports with them or supervising when they play with their siblings and friends. All of this adds up to a lot more hours per week on top of caring for them and spending time watching TV with them.

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That's why you should make spending more time with your children part of your New Year's resolution. It won't just make them physically healthier – studies show that higher quality parental care leads to less behavioral problems. Children who spend more time with parents have also been found to have higher levels of cognitive, language, and social competence. They also found that if you spend more time with your children and lessen their time in child care centers, they'll have an 8 percent decreased risk of ear infection and a 4 percent decreased risk of getting a stomach illness.

According to Parents' Cart, you can spend more time with your children by letting them help you with your daily business endeavors. You have to mail out letters every week – so let them be your happy helpers and turn the tiring activity of mailing into a fun game! Hand them your letters and pretend like it's an assembly line where they must quickly but carefully seal them in an envelope. Then tell them to run to the mailbox to mail them and get back as fast as they can for the next “delivery.” Tell them to pretend they're a secret agent delivering important notes – so they have to be quick but careful! This gets them some of their exercise but also has you spending fun, quality time with them while getting something done too! Try to turn your other daily endeavors into children's games and you'll find you're spending more quality time with your precious ones.

Make 2017 the year you give better quality care to your children so they'll have healthier bodies and minds.