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Losing Weight Isn't Just About Looking Good: Here are Some Health Benefits You Didn't Know You're Getting From Your Weight Loss Journey

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If you're trying to lose weight, here's some encouragement! Even if the pounds aren't falling fast, your body's actually getting a ton of health benefits you probably didn't know about.


Losing weight isn't easy. Think about it – it takes about 3,000 calories burned to lose a pound, and you're eating about 1500 calories everyday even while dieting. Even if you exercise for 15 minutes daily while dieting, you're most likely burning only between 2,000 to 3,000 calories. If you're dieting healthy like this, then you won't lose more than a pound per two days.

But your body's metabolism slows when you're on a long-term calorie deficit because it thinks you're having a hard time finding food. That means you'll probably be losing only a pound or two each week. And if your goal is to lose over 30 pounds, then seeing only two pounds shed when you step on the weight scale at the end of the week can be disheartening – especially since you've been suffering all this time!

Don't lose hope! What you're doing to lose weight is actually helping your body in other ways that are equally as satisfying as looking better. Here are a few benefits you're secretly getting:

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You have better gut bacteria. If you're eating whole grains instead of processed bread products because whole grains contain less carbs and more fiber (which means they make you feel full while lowering your calorie intake), then you're also enriching your gut bacteria. In a new study, participants ate identical meals (including fruits and vegetables), but one group ate whole grains while the other ate refined sugars. The whole grain group had a healthier culture of gut bacteria in their intestines. A healthy gut microbiota leads to better immunity, lower risk of anxiety, and a boost in your weight loss efforts!

You're smarter now and have lowered risk of cognitive decline. Researchers found that being obese (and some evidence points to just being overweight) causes structural abnormalities in the brain which result in abnormal functioning in key regions of the brain that your IQ is heavily dependent upon. These key regions also play a role in preventing dementia when you're older. By losing weight, you'll start reversing these harmful effects on your brain, which means you'll start enjoying increased intelligence and a sound mind when you're older.

Save on liposuction costs. According to liposuction in Las Vegas, doctors may recommend that you get liposuction if you're obese and can't lose weight. Liposuction treatment can be costly. But if you're able to lose weight on your own and don't need lipo – then you're saving on thousands of dollars in medical costs! Plus, you're saving your body from any complications, both rare and common, arising from liposuction procedures – these include inflammation, bruising, and other stressors you're saving your body from.

Trudge on! You'll lose all that fat and get to your target weight gradually. Meanwhile, even if you're not happy with your looks, know that your body is already enjoying these benefits from your weight loss journey!



I totally agree with your article, thanks for that. There are so much benefits in eating more healthy, losing weight is just a nice side-effect.