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Ever Heard of Laughter Cardio Workout? Lose Weight by Laughing

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Working out doesn't always have to hurt! Did you know you can laugh and lose weight? Here's how!


Working out doesn't always have to be strenuous. Researchers found that laughing can be a healthy exercise too! They also found that laughing strengthens your immunity. If you hate hitting the treadmill, sit back and laugh it up – you'll burn calories and boost your body's defenses.

Laughter Can Be a Mini Aerobic Workout

Laughing intensely for half an hour is a fun cardio workout. When you laugh your heart beats faster and you're inhaling and exhaling rapidly. These work your heart muscles while sending more oxygenated blood to your body, including your brain – the same effects of running.

Laughing hard also tightens your stomach muscles because your abs are contracting and relaxing furiously. Your facial muscles get a workout too – 15 muscles are moving rapidly while you laugh! This gives your face a healthier glow due to the increased circulation.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Helen Pilcher, laughing intensely for an hour burns 100 calories. For comparison, doing 100 jumping jacks burns approximately 200 calories.

Do You Need to Find Something Really Funny to Do a Laughter Cardio Workout?

If nothing's making your sides hurt you can do laughter cardio by forcing yourself to laugh. It's actually as enjoyable as real laughter! Psychologists discovered that forced laughter decreases your stress and floods your brain with endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for the ecstasy you feel when you're overjoyed, so forced laughter will make you happy even if nothing's funny.

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Since forced laughter makes you happier, it fights depression. Doctors found that depression causes weight gain. Laughter cardio not only burns fat but also prevents weight gain by fighting depression.

It won't be forced laughter for too long – when the endorphins kick in you'll be laughing for real within minutes!

Boost Your Laughter Cardio by Doing Laughter Yoga

Do your laughter cardio with others at a Laughter Yoga class and you'll have more fun and lose more weight! Laughter Yoga combines traditional yoga poses and exercises with contagious laughter. The whole class laughs together while doing inversions to keep the laughter going. It's easier to laugh when others are laughing – you won't want to stop!

Time flies when you're having fun and you'll be laughing so hard you won't even feel the burn or strain of doing a yoga workout. You're burning double calories from laughing and doing a yoga workout.

Losing weight and working out don't have to be hard. You can do both by laughing – literally! Sit back and laugh hard for half an hour or join a Laughter Yoga class. You'll be toning your muscles and losing weight while having fun.

Have you ever laughed so hard it felt like you just did an intense workout? Now you know that wasn't just your imagination!