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With Lent Approaching, Are You Preparing Your Body too for This Holy Season?

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Lent is a time of self-reflection and deep prayer. You're probably readying your soul for this reflective season and making vows and resolutions. But are you preparing your body, which is Christ's temple, as well?


Lent is only a few days away. As you know, it signifies the forty days Jesus Christ spent in the desert fortifying his spirit against temptation and becoming stronger from within to hone himself as the Son of God that he was. Present-day Christians follow in Christ's footsteps two millennia ago. For forty days you're to be more mindful of your current lifestyle. Self-reflect on questions like, Am I living as Christ would want me to? What are areas in my faith and life that I can improve upon? What are my spiritual weaknesses and how can I strengthen myself?

While contemplating and praying more during this holy season will bring you closer to God and hone your spirit, are you also preparing your body for Lent? Remember that your body is the temple for the Holy Spirit, and you must give it special care during Lent too.

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Besides exercising daily, you should strive for holistically healthy foods rather than junk during Lent. How can your spirit rise when you pollute your body with bad food? Here are foods for your body that help you be more prayerful and meditative this Lenten season:

Complex carbohydrates and clean proteins. Simple sugars and carbs, like french fries and white rice, can clog your mind and fog up your thoughts. Your body is inundated with a spike of sugar that can make you crash and feel lethargic. It's hard to be contemplative when you feel tired and lazy. Strive for complex carbohydrates, like red potatoes, nuts, and blueberries. These give your body clean energy throughout the day so you have just enough power to think clearly and go about your routine without spiking your blood sugar levels and making you feel lethargic. Also stick to clean proteins, like soy and mushrooms, because removing meat, chicken, and fish from your diet has been found to better your mood.

Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked with improving cognition, protecting your brain from diseases, improving your mood, and many more psychological and neurological benefits. You can get your omega-3 fatty acids from nuts, seeds, mushrooms, and other plant-based foods. You can also take an omega-3 fatty acids supplement.

This Lent prepare both your mind and body for Christ and God. Cleanse both your spiritual and physical self so you can become closer to the Creator.



I am a practicing Christian and I do love your blog Justin Improving our emotional and physical health is good but improving our relationship with God by taking care of our spiritual health almost make us perfect in God's eyes. More power to you and to Emax health
Thank you Cassie. May God bless you this Lent. I wish you well on your spiritual journey.