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Is It Safe to Take “Steroids” for Building Muscle?

Steroids safety

Steroids have a bad rap because sports stars usually abuse the wrong ones. Did you know there are legal hormone-enhancing supplements you can take to support your muscle-building efforts?


In the U.S., possession of anabolic steroids, like testosterone, is illegal. But you still see many “steroid” commercial products marketed toward muscle builders. Does that mean buying them is illegal? The answer is yes – if they contain actual anabolic steroids. But if your doctor prescribes you testosterone or other steroids, it's perfectly legal to buy them at your pharmacy.

If you don't have a prescription, what exactly are these companies boldly selling? Companies may market their supplements as steroids, but they're really hormone-enhancing chemicals that have been proven to boost your muscle mass. Here are a few that are perfectly legal to buy:

IGF-1. IGF-1 is usually marketed as HGH (which is illegal to have unless you have a prescription). IGF-1 has been found to boost muscle mass and may also help reverse signs of aging. It's also been found to fortify your bones.

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Eurycomanone. Eurycomanone is a testosterone-boosting compound found in Longjack root. Researchers also found that it can be used to help boost sexual potency. It's also been found to relieve arthritis, headaches, fevers, high blood pressure, and other ailments.

Chrysin. Chrysin is a compound that helps prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It's popular among bodybuilders and you can get it from taking the passionflower extract. Researchers found that taking the extract with black pepper boosts its absorption by your intestines.

Chinese yam, Greek hay, Astragalus root, and Tribulus Terrestris. The Chinese yam, Tribulus Terrestris, Greek hay, and astragalus root have been used in cultural traditional medicines for various healing of ailments and boosting low testosterone levels. Although some animal studies do show that these herbal supplements have boosted testosterone levels, there's insufficient data on humans.

If you're considering buying hormone-boosting supplements for boosting your muscle-building, SteroidsForSale.me warns you to make sure you check the product information to assure you're not buying anything illegal. Remember that the best way to get long-term results is through patience and diligence – training and building your muscles is a long-term endeavor and you really shouldn't look for short-term solutions. Nothing beats hard work if you're trying to build your muscles.