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How You Can Protect Yourself From Contaminated Tap Water

contaminated tap water protection

How much do you trust your faucet water? Is your local goverment-run water system really making sure your water supply is safe?


According to CBS, a children's dental practice has announced that they've become aware that their irrigation system may have been contaminated and caused possible infections when children had root canals done. The Orange County Health Agency is overseeing the replacement of their water system.

If that's not scary enough, researchers from Arizona State University announced that a carcinogen, chromium-6, is present in all tap water in the U.S.. They state that even if you use reverse osmosis filtration for your tap water, you can lessen your chromium-6 exposure but you'll still be ingesting low levels of the dangerous chemical. They're currently developing a better and economical chromium-6 filtration system you'll be able to buy.

Meanwhile, even if you buy purified bottled water, there's still a possibility of contamination. Researchers found bacteria in tested samples of commercial bottled water. But, there are still ways you can protect yourself:

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Take probiotics daily. Researchers are finding that the good bacteria in probiotics can help repair your teeth and encourage the building of new bone in the wake of cavities and other oral diseases. Even if your drinking water is contaminated, probiotics can help protect your teeth. Dr. Russell Jensen of Maple Grove Dentistry says that most people don't realize that periodontitis can lead to kidney disease, heart disease, and even premature birth. He stresses that taking care of your teeth and mouth keeps the rest of your body healthy.

Eat two Brazil nuts daily. Brazil nuts are high in selenium, which is a rare but important nutrient your body needs to combat toxins. Researchers found that selenium can counteract the effects of lead in water. If you're worried that your pets might be harmed by potential lead in their drinking water, you can feed your dog one-fourth of a Brazil nut. Selenium also helps your dog's coat and boosts your dog's hair health. But, Dr. Lori Awadalla, staff veterinarian at PetCareRX, warns that nuts are high in fat and should be fed sparingly to dogs. Too much fat can cause pancreatitis and vomiting in dogs.

Take zeaxanthin supplements. Researchers found that zeaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant naturally found in vegetables, can protect you from eye cancers and other ocular diseases. If chromium-6 increases your risk for cancer, you can take antioxidants like zeaxanthin to protect you from cancer.

Tap water is not completely clean 100 percent of the time. Chromium-6 can cause cancer and is present in your drinking water. You can protect yourself from this carcinogen and other toxins, like lead, by taking supplements that boost your body's protection.