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How Wearing This Vest Burns Fat

fat burning vest

There's this new invention: The Thin Ice Vest. It burns your fat just by wearing it!


We all want to lose a few pounds here or there especially in the summer. While keeping an eye on the latest tips and tricks on how to lose weight, this may have caught your eye. Now this is going to sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, or even worse, a bad infomercial the kind you see in the wee hours of the morning. But, there's a vest that helps you lower your body temperature when it's pressed on your skin!

This vest helps you burn more calories while eliminating the fat in your problem areas. It's called Thin Ice and it uses a certain cooling technology which triggers your body to lose weight.

The vest stimulates the thermoreceptors in your body making it believe it's cold. When the body is cold it raises your metabolism and you start to slowly lose weight. The creator of Thin Ice explains it this way:

“When your body is pumping heat in a direction that is away from the vest, the mechanism in the vest captures the heat and dispenses it through fluids. This creates a vacuum of heat that becomes cold. The vest takes advantage of the heat distribution. If the heat isn't on your body the vest makes its own heat which produces weight loss.”

The plates that are one the vest are located along the chest, back and around the spine where there's less fat making the thermoreceptors more active. The cooling process is very mild and the temperature is hardly noticeable. You can sit and relax, watch TV or even sleep while the vest is shedding off the pounds!

Natural Alternatives That Burn Fat Automatically

1. Sleeping Naked
If you don't want to buy the vest, you can get the same effects naturally! Specifically -- sleeping in the nude. Your body's metabolism increases while you are sleeping naked which helps you lose weight faster. So not only is sleep important for overall health it also improves your metabolism. There is a link between the cool temperatures during the night and increased metabolism. When you sleep nude in a cool room your body will create healthy body fat to keep warm. The body fat burns calories which helps you lose weight.

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2. Drinking Cold Water

Studies have shown that drinking cold liquids such as water helps you lose weight. Researchers have proven that increasing water intake was linked to long-term weight loss especially among women. It wasn't proven whether the temperature plays an important part, however, if you enjoy cold beverages cold water or even ice water may be your best choice.

If you're looking for other weight loss drinks try milk. Milk is very high in calcium and studies have shown that calcium suppresses calcitriol which is the hormone that makes you fat. Without calcitriol, your body breaks down fat much faster.

3. Spice It Up!

If you're looking for a little spice in your life. Try spicing up your weight loss program. The medical world has recently discovered that spicy foods will help shed those pounds. Researchers have shown that cumin powder jumpstarts the weight loss process by decreasing body fat and improves unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Cumin contains phytosterols, which are plant chemicals that prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol. This is the first research that has shown cumin can help you lose weight. From that the researchers have also determined that cumin temporarily increases the metabolic rate.

Buy the vest, or try these natural alternatives to lose weight without even trying!