How Vaping Is Increasingly Being Misused

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Vaping is a miracle for cigarette smokers, but it seems that it's being used by non-smokers for social reasons. Here are some of vaping's new developments.


Vaping is great if you're trying to quit tobacco products. Cigarettes are carcinogenic, but thus far, e-cigarettes don't seem to cause cancer. Scientists have hailed vaping as a miracle cure for cigarette smokers – potentially saving them from lung cancer.

But researchers went ahead and studied tweets between 2012 and 2015. They tried to save funding, which could've cost a lot more had they interviewed people individually, by analyzing social media. They state that although the method sounds unsound, it's actually more candid than asking people individually because in a professional setting subjects are more likely to withhold their true emotions concerning questions. That said, the researchers theorized that someone's tweets would be more honest than their sit-down interview answers.

What they found is shocking. At the start of the study (2012), 43 percent of vapers said they're vaping to quit cigarettes. Only about 21 percent of vapers said they were using e-cigs to look cool. But in 2015, only 29 percent of vapers admitted they were vaping to quit smoking, while 37 percent of e-cig users bragged they were vaping to be with the “in crowd.” That means there are more people vaping for fun rather than using it for quitting tobacco.

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These results aren't good. Although vaping might not have been found to cause cancer, it's still pumping you with nicotine, which is highly addictive no matter what form. Experts have recently warned that e-cigarettes could be a gateway drug into tobacco products – and if teens start vaping just to be cool, they might end up smoking real cigarettes!

E-cig companies are partly to blame because they've been shifting the marketing of their products from smokers to fashionistas. Instead of promoting the message that their e-cigarettes can save smokers from lung cancer, they're now touting the use of their products as something that will boost your social life.

There seems to also be a trend rising where people are using vape cartridges infused with cannabis. In fact, such products rose in popularity by almost 25 percent. If you combine marijuana and nicotine, it leads to two addictive drugs that can only be harmful long-term, and may lead to dependence.

What's important for you to know? Vaping isn't bad when used to quit using tobacco products. Evidence so far shows that it doesn't seem to increase your risk for cancer, and it's practically toxin-free. But it does contain nicotine, which still makes it addictive. Vaping is bad when you use it for social reasons – because then you risk becoming addicted to nicotine when you weren't before you started vaping.



I am permanently stupider for having read this incredible nonsense. Stuff like this comes up in new searches, and we wonder why we've got a fake news epidemic?