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How Trump's Deportation Frenzy Is Affecting Your Health

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There are two sides for every coin. The new U.S. president has been ordering law enforcement agencies (especially ICE) to increase their efforts in detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants currently residing in America. But did you know these actions are affecting your health?


In the news is the story of a 22-year old Daniela Vargas who spoke at a press conference begging Trump not to act on undocumented immigrants who have pending applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. But almost immediately after she left the press conference, ICE agents arrested and detained her.

Whether these actions are moral or just compared to American values is up for debate. But two democratic senators seem to be on her side. If you're a U.S. citizen, you might be apathetic or side with proponents or opponents of Trump's deportation measures.

But no matter whose side your on, or even if you're staying away from the drama, these deportation measures are actually affecting your health. Here's how:

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Short staff at eateries. There's been news coverage of the sudden arrest and deportation of hospitality workers who were undocumented immigrants. That means affected eating establishments have a temporary shortage of workers, which could lead to unsanitary conditions because they're suddenly faced with an emergency and still have to keep their businesses running. The ideal routine for them is disrupted and they may end up cutting corners or having untrained employees fill spots – which can lead to improperly prepared food.

Increased stress and crime. Researchers found that deportation leads to an increase in the cumulative stress of affected communities – as well as an increase in crime and destabilization. There's also some economic deprivation that results. Stress and all these other factors can lead to disease.

Emotional trauma to your children. If your children have friends who are undocumented immigrants, the news may cause them to fear for their friends' safety. No child should have to worry about such things. It's even worse if their friends actually get arrested and deported, or if their friends' parents get detained – all of this can lead to emotional trauma that children shouldn't have to face. On the bright side, these experiences can strengthen children – but they can also scar them for life.

You'll have less money for healthcare. Increasing deportation efforts has been found to cost billions. That means either the government will tax you more or take money away from other programs to make up for the hike. Unfortunately, health programs may get the cut in order to pay for these deportation costs. That may translate to you having to pay more out of pocket for medications and doctor's visits. For some financially burdened people, these health program cuts may be the final straw that causes them to skip out on routine doctor's visits and screenings that could potentially catch the onset of a fatal disease.

Deportation isn't just about the lives of undocumented immigrants – these turmoil-laden efforts are actually affecting the lives of law-abiding U.S. citizens too.