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How Plyo-dynamics Helped Lauren Goodger Lose Weight

Plyo-dynamics weight loss

Lauren Goodger went from a size 18 to a size 10 with Plyo-dynamics. You can lose weight right in your very living room by doing this fun, intense workout!


Lauren Goodger, famous for her role in the British sitcom TOWIE, has recently made headlines with her astonishing weight loss. She went from a size 18 to a size 10 in six months.

She told the news that she tried everything, from fad diets to commercial supplements. She gives some great advice: stay clear from fad diets.

How did she finally lose weight? Her secret is Plyo-dynamics.

What Is Plyo-dynamics?

According to Goodger, a typical Plyo-dynamics session is an hour long, but is quite rapid. You do 5-minute burst activities, constantly changing from one rapid movement to the next.

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Plyo-dynamics is officially termed Plyometrics (which used to be called “jump training”). It's basically a lot of jumping and hopping, like one-leg hops and jump squats. It also involves an obstacle course, like leaping over cones, boxes, and benches using these techniques.

The obstacles should get progressively higher because after you land, your muscles get stretched, which gives them more power for your next jump.

Is it an all-inclusive workout? No. It doesn't target your core, arms, or back. It only targets your legs and glutes. It's also not cardio – just strength-training.

What's great about it? When Goodger was overweight, she felt reluctant to go to the gym because she felt self-conscious about her weight. Many out-of-shape people share her anxiety, which only impedes their fitness progression. Goodger did most of her weight loss at home, in her very living room! She set up her plyo obstacle course in her living room and did her workout everyday.

If you share the same anxiety for public fitness facilities, try plyo-dynamics at home! You don't even need an obstacle course, but it surely helps boost your weight loss.