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How Playing This Videogame Leads to Weight Loss!

video game and weight loss

Have you played the viral Pokemon Go game? Here's why doctors are saying it's healthy for you!


Pokemon Go is Nintendo's latest pokemon game installment. This line of games goes all the way back from the mid-90s, starting with a colorless Gameboy game. Now in 2016, it's an augmented reality game – this means it's not limited to your screen, it interacts with real life!

It's too far-fetched to say that the pokemon jump off your screen, but the truth is just as fascinating. In Pokemon Go, you must navigate around the real world instead of simply pressing buttons to get around in the virtual world. The pokemon you find depend on where you're looking – you'll find marine-like pokemon if you're at your local lake, and mice-like pokemon if you're near a field.

You have to go into real world towns and buildings to heal and manage your pokemon. For all these reasons, doctors are Pokemon Go fanatics!

How Pokemon Go Helps You Lose Weight

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Walking is mandatory to play Pokemon Go. In fact, you can't even hatch pokemon eggs unless you walk a few miles. To get to gyms to challenge bosses in the game, you must walk to them too!

Doctors say that Pokemon Go motivates you to lose weight because playing for an hour a day means you'll be walking for an extra hour.

They also say that Pokmeon Go helps treat depression and other mental illnesses. This is because the game makes you interact with nature, which has been found to lower depression.

Also, walking in nature during the daytime boosts your weight loss because the sunlight causes your body to make more nitric oxide, which has been found to boost your metabolism and protect you from obesity. This is yet another way Pokemon Go helps you burn that fat!

Try playing Pokemon Go, if you haven't already! It's free, and will boost your weight loss efforts. One word of caution: Make sure to install the official version of the game on your phone. There are other apps that look legitimate, but promise hacks and cheats. These unofficial versions can compromise your network security and install malicious bugs onto your phone which steal your bank account information and other sensitive data.