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How Paying $50 Every Month Saves You an Average of $2,500

Saving health Costs

Recent news reveals that researchers discovered you can save over a thousand dollars in health costs. How? It's as simple as going to the gym.


Researchers looked at cardiovascular disease patients and found that those who worked out for half an hour at least five days a week spent an average of $2,500 less than patients who didn't exercise as often. They also found that even healthy people who exercised that same amount spent less in health-related costs than those who didn't.

Exercising everyday sounds tough, right? Wrong! According to the University of Illinois's Wellness Center, walking a mile in 15 to 20 minutes is considered moderate exercise, which is the level of exercise patients in the study did. How far is 1 mile? It's probably the distance from your home to the store or pharmacy. If the store is only 10 minutes walking distance from home, don't worry – the trip back makes it a 20-minute moderate workout! Plus, since you're carrying groceries, you'll be expending a little more energy. It's a win-win: You save on fuel and get to buy fresh produce and perishables every day!

Here are some tips to support your daily exercise:

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Get a gym membership. Researchers found that paying a monthly membership fee to use a local gym makes it more likely that you'll exercise everyday. This is partly because you have better access to fitness equipment and group programs. Also, the “crowd effect” pulls you in, making you want to work out with others who are working out. You also won't want to waste your $50 monthly fee by not using the gym, so you'll try to get the most out of what you're paying.

Avoid walking or standing for longer than an hour straight. These can cause varicose veins in your legs, which can cause blood clots and skin ulcers. If you get varicose veins that are severe enough, you might need to get minor surgery involving ultrasound, laser therapy, or sclerotherapy to close the vein. You can also help prevent varicose veins by not wearing tight clothing or high heels.

Choose exercises you loved as a child. According to Medline Plus, you're more likely to keep exercising if you're enjoying it. They state that you're more likely to enjoy exercise activities you loved as a child – so think back and go try those things again. Remember that dancing and basketball are both exercises, if done correctly!

Save yourself $2,500 in health costs by paying a $50 monthly gym membership. You can also walk to the store everyday and fulfill your exercise requirements while also benefiting from lower fuel costs and fresher veggies. Remember not to walk longer than an hour because it can increase your risk for developing of varicose veins.