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How Nutrition Plays a Big Role in Your Business Success

Nutrition and business

Being healthy and getting your daily required amounts of nutrients aren't just for health enthusiasts and people who want to live longer and be disease-free. Making sure you're keeping your nutrition intake optimal also makes you a more successful businessman.


Your cognitive function is what you use when you're processing information – like attention, reasoning, committing things to memory, and much more. It's also a bit responsible for your ability to recall information and understand concepts. That means you rely on your cognitive function to digest informative sessions about new stocks and companies, and your cognitive function is what's responsible for you making the ultimate decision whether to buy or sell stocks based on your analysis of the stocks' performance.

But what if someone told you what you eat everyday could mean the difference between seeing a hidden profitable trend in the stock market and missing an important development that devaluated a stock significantly. You might not believe it, but it's true – for example, researchers found that eating more omega-3 fatty acids boosts your cognitive function, but eating a lot of bad saturated fats lowers your cognitive function and even increases your risk for neurodegenerative diseases (like Alzheimer's).

When it comes to omega-3 fatty acids and your diet, there are some interesting theories researchers are working with: They found that when humans gradually evolved to have bigger and more advanced cognitive brains, it started happening when they migrated near shores and ate a fish-heavy diet. They're thinking that the omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish played a major role in advancing our cognitive brains – making us brilliant. But now the typical Western diet has very little omega-3 fatty acids compared to the high amounts of bad saturated fats people typically eat everyday – they think that's one major factor that's causing the prevalence of major depression.

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Researchers advise how to keep a healthy body and mind to boost your brain power by taking these nutrients too:

Flavonols. Researchers found that fruits, beans, cocoa, and the famous Ginko biloba contain chemicals called flavonols that boost your hippocampus's function and your overall memory. Having a sharper recall helps you when you need to make quick business decisions and don't have time to look at your notes. This is even more crucial when you're at luncheons and networking to land contracts.

Folate. Spinach, orange juice, and other fruits and vegetables are rich in folic acid (folate). This important B vitamin helps prevent cognitive decline – but not getting enough of it has been found to cause cognitive impairment! Make sure your folate levels are healthy if you want to make the best stock trading decisions.

Most importantly, researchers found that the beneficial effects of these nutrients on your cognition are multiplied if you exercise regularly. This is another reason you should follow a healthy exercise and diet plan!

Become a more successful businessman by getting more of these brain-boosting nutrients into your diet! Remember to exercise to multiply their effects.