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How Losing Weight Stops You From Doing This Very Annoying Habit

Doctors say losing weight can make you stop snoring. Here are some natural, healthy ways that address your snoring while helping you lose weight at the same time!


If you don't sleep alone, chances are your significant other or family become highly sensitive to your bed habits. Maybe they've frowned upon you reading well into the night because you won't shut off the light. Maybe they quietly informed you in the morning that you toss and turn too much in your sleep. But, if you snore loudly, you've probably had to deal with frying pan-wielding rage for breakfast! Don't feel bad – it's not you, it's your fat!

How Being Fat Causes You to Snore and What You Can Do About It

Snoring expert, Dr. Daniel P. Slaughter, M.D., says, “if you gain weight around your neck, it squeezes the internal diameter of the throat, making it more likely to collapse during sleep, triggering snoring.” Being fat literally squeezes your airways, which makes you snore.

He recommends staying asleep on your side through the night by taping a tennis ball to the back of your night shirt or tilting the head of your bed up. These prevent your tongue from rolling toward the back of your throat, which causes you to snore when air bounces off it when you exhale.

There are other environmental snoring remedies. These snoring solutions involve getting rid of mold, and lowering the temperature before you sleep.

Natural, Healthy Remedies That Burn Fat and Stop You From Snoring

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If you want a more permanent snoring solution, try these natural remedies. These will make you lose weight, which hopefully burns the fat around your throat stopping it from being crushed while you sleep. They'll also stop you from snoring by addressing other possible causes.

Eliminate dust. Change your pillowcases and clean your bedroom often. This means dusting your curtains and changing your sheets. If you're allergic to dust, researchers found it changes the metabolism of the cells in your lungs – which can lead to you burning less calories. Breathing in dust mites also irritates your lungs and makes you snore while you sleep.

Get your daily water. Being dehydrated makes your saliva and mucus thicker, possibly leading to blockages that cause snoring. Drink your daily eight glasses of water to keep the air flow in your mouth and nose friendly. Staying hydrated suppresses your appetite and also boosts your resting metabolism if you drink cold water.

No alcohol. Drinking alcohol five hours before sleeping makes you snore because it stiffens your throat muscles, which causes exhaled air to vibrate. Too much alcohol in your system messes with your body's ability to burn fat, which leads to weight gain. Just avoid booze – it keeps you quiet at night and lowers your risk of gaining weight.

You can hit two birds with one stone: lose weight and stop snoring – try these natural remedies today. They're also things you should be doing anyway since they're healthy for your whole body.