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How Lisa Riley Went From Overweight to Fit Without Dieting

Lisa Riley weight loss

Lisa Riley went from a size 30 to 16 in only 10 months. But, she didn't go on a diet! Here's how she lost weight.


Lisa Riley is famous for playing Mandy Dingle in the English TV show “Emmerdale.” Recently, she lost a significant amount of weight and told the press about her weight loss secrets. Surprise: She didn't go on a diet.

She attributes her weight loss to these routine healthy habits:

1. Walking for 40 minutes everyday at six in the morning.
2. Doing zumba and yoga almost every night.
3. Using the stairs instead of the elevator.
4. Not eating after six at night.
5. Not drinking alcohol.

Why She Lost Weight Without Dieting

Walking for 40 minutes burns about 90 calories if you weigh 156 pounds.

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For the average woman, an hour of zumba burns between a whopping 350 to 650 calories. An hour of yoga burns a similar amount.

Each step you take while climbing the stairs burns 0.17 calories, which means climbing 12 steps burns about 4 calories. That's not much, but given that celebrities have to shuffle between filming studios and buildings when doing their work, Riley probably climbs up and down many staircases on an average day.

Not eating after 6 p.m. helps you lose weight tremendously. WebMD says that eating after this time makes you gain about 30 percent more weight! It's because your metabolism goes down at night, even if you exercise.

Not drinking alcohol also helps you lose weight because you're keeping your liver free to tell your cells to burn fat. When alcohol is flooding your system, your liver is busier detoxifying it and can't keep up your normal fat-burning efficiency.

Sometimes celebrities can teach you valuable lessons! Lisa Riley shows you that you don't always have to diet to lose weight. Follow her regimen and you're sure to shed some pounds.

Image source: Lisa Riley Twitter Public Picture