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How Getting a Massage Regularly Helps Your Digestion

Getting a Massage

Recent news announces that scientists now know a little more about your gut. They've learned more about the membrane surrounding your gastrointestinal tract, which is called the mesentery. Here's what they found and why getting a massage can help your gastrointestinal health.


The wonders of your gastrointestinal tract are only starting to be unraveled. Researchers have recently termed your gut, your “second brain” because of how your gastrointestinal symptoms affect your mood and thought processes. The neurotransmitters and chemical byproducts your gut bacteria make also affect your appetite and body's ability to lose weight.

Now scientists have classified the membrane that supports your gastrointestinal tract and helps keeps it safely in place, known as the mesentery, as an organ. They say by viewing the mesentery as an organ they'll be able to determine its function, which opens the door for miracles. They'll see how the mesentery plays a role in isolating the spread of diseases through your gastrointestinal tract and the rest of your body. Researchers writing in the Lancet say the mesentery could be an immunological organ, an endocrine organ, or even a vascular organ because its many possible functions affect these systems.

Knowing that your gut plays an even more important role in your overall health means you should take better care for it. Eating a balanced, healthy diet of vegetables and proteins helps keep your gut microbiota regular. But, did you know massage therapy can also better your gut health? Researchers found that recurrent abdominal pain and encopresis were alleviated with massage therapy.

Researchers also found that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms have been alleviated with massage therapy (although the effects were more powerful when massage therapy was combined with acupuncture).

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Here are a few massage therapy styles you can choose from:

Swedish massage. This massage style utilizes five different strokes to therapeutically ease your body. It's especially effective for joint stiffness and lower back pain.

Deep tissue massage. This massage style utilizes heavy finger pressure and slower, firm strokes to reach your deeper tissues. This style is one of the best for increasing your circulation.

Myofascial release (MFR) (trigger-point therapy). MFR focuses on stretching the fascia depending on your body's physical feedback. MFR has been found to alleviate orthopaedic conditions.

Take better care of your gut because scientists are finding out it's becoming more and more important to your overall health. Its balance affects virtually all of your organ systems – especially your brain. Try massage therapy if you're experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms – it also helps boost your circulation and alleviate pain.



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