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How Competing Helps You Lose Weight

Experts think gambling is good for weight loss. But not all forms of competition can help you lose weight. Here are effective ways to add competition to your weight loss regimen that can boost your fat-burning by 300 percent!


You might not realize it, but losing weight and staying physically active are psychological matters, not physical ones! It's not hard to eat sugarless meals with mostly boiled veggies and nuts and mushrooms for protein. Physically, anyone can do it – it's just eating! But mentally you'll suffer because you won't enjoy it – you prefer delicious food filled with carbs, salts, and fats (which is what made you gain those extra pounds in the first place). The only way to successfully lose weight for the long term is to overcome your psychological cravings for carbs and fat – and competition helps you do just that!

Can Competition Make You Lose Weight?

A popular study found that you're 500 percent more likely to lose weight if you're competing in some way. Participants gave varying cash deposits reaching $336. If they met their weight loss goals, they'd get back triple their deposit – if they didn't, they'd lose it. The competing participants lost 300 percent more weight than the non-competing dieters. Only a fifth of the non-competing participants lost weight. If you sign up for a weight loss challenge or add competition into your weight loss regimen, you'll lose three times more weight and will be five times more likely to succeed!

Hold on – Not All Competition Makes You Skinnier

Like the wager contest in the study, competitions that don't involve besting others will boost everyone's weight loss. But if you're competing against other people, things get sticky. If you're female, you should only compete against other women because competing against guys won't boost your weight loss.

Don't compete with the world. Whether you're male or female, you should compete with as few people as possible. Researchers found you're less motivated when you think you're up against many people because you think your chances of winning are lower. But, participants who were told there were only 10 other people competing performed better than participants who were told there were 100. You'll lose more weight if you compete with a friend with a wager than to take on dieters across the globe.

How Can You Add Competition to Your Weight Loss Regimen?

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Here are some ways to effectively boost your weight loss efforts through competing:

Wager with a group of friends. Recreate the study! Coordinate your weight loss efforts with friends or a weight loss club. Pool together cash wagers. Set goals and a deadline. If you reach these goals, you're entitled to an equal share of the pool with the others who succeed. No matter how many people are participating, you're only competing with yourself – you win when you meet the goals, not if you lose more weight than your friends!

Join contests. There are many weight loss contests online or nationally-syndicated. Choose ones where you get a prize if you meet your own weight loss goals and avoid contests where you have to lose more weight than others.

Carrot-and-stick. If you don't like betting, you can compete with a few friends where the losers have to treat the winners to an extravagant dinner or all-paid vacation. As long as you keep it small (can't have 200 facebook friends join), you'll be more motivated to lose weight (and not pay for your friends' honeymoon).

Losing weight is all mind and less body. Spice up your weight loss regimen with a challenge, and you'll burn more fat!