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How This Daily Alcohol Regimen Experts Discovered Could Boost Your Metabolism

Alcohol and metabolism

If you're over 21, you're probably guilty of kicking back with your friends with a brewsky after work or on weekends. You've heard alcohol makes you gain weight – but what if that's not always the case? Scientists found you can boost your metabolism if you follow a golden rule of drinking everyday.


Experts Think a Responsible Alcohol Habit Boosts Your Metabolism

Researchers couldn't believe that their results showed that females who drank once or even twice a day gained less weight than those who didn't touch booze at all! What's more amazing is these regular drinkers binged on more calories than alcoholics and abstainers.

How is this possible? After scratching their heads and spending a few endless nights with their formulas, experts concluded that habitually moderately drinking alcohol trains your body to metabolize it better than heavier drinkers (or people who don't drink at all). Metaphorically, it's like “working out” your metabolism like you work out your muscles at the gym. They found that women drinking 8 ounces or less everyday enjoy this metabolism boost.

If You're Going to Try – Here are Two Safe Daily Drinks

What's better than drinking and losing weight? Not, much really! But, if you're going to start regularly drinking 8 ounces of alcohol everyday, choose healthy alcoholic beverages made from antioxidant-rich juices.

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Here are two:

Red wine is filled with age-reversing antioxidants. Experts boast that it can even replace your daily workout and that it keeps your heart and muscles healthy. It's also been found to boost fat burning by 40 percent in mice.

The Moscow Mule is a vodka cocktail made with lime, ginger, cucumber, and sometimes fruit. If you use pure vodka, this beverage is a pretty healthy alcohol option. The vodka itself is closer to pure alcohol, so it will have very little calories and artificial ingredients.

Everything else in the drink is natural and very healthy for you: Lime is vitamin C-rich and contains metabolism-boosting compounds. Ginger boosts your immunity and protects you from cancer and other diseases. Cucumbers and fruits are rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

If you try this daily alcohol regimen, remember not to mix alcohol and sedatives because this can cause lethal complications. If you take aspirin or other sedatives on a daily basis, this regimen isn't right for you.

If you enjoy an occasional drink, then it couldn't hurt to try this “weight loss regimen” of 8 ounces of alcohol everyday. But, remember this isn't the healthiest way to lose weight. If you're serious about trimming your fat, then stick to a set plan of exercise and healthy eating.



Brilliant idea, consuming daily a toxin and known carcinogen. Aside from the fact that daily drinking is one of several indicators of the disease of alcoholism, there is not health benefit to drinking any amount, at any age, for either gender. Spend 52 min. with The A-Files if you want to find out what this drug does TO you, instead of this fiction of what it does FOR you. For example, Women... this is the ONLY dietary factor shown to increase risk of breast cancer. Each drink daily (10g of alcohol) increases risk by 11 percent. More than four a day brings the same risk as smoking a pack of cigs a day. Alcohol AGES your skin by destroying collagen, it does not have "age reversing antioxidants." Get evidence-based facts before succombing to this dangerous and irresponsible article. Scott Stevens, Author, Every Silver Lining has a Cloud