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How This Common American Job Can Make You Infertile

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New studies have come out with surprising details on things that can make you infertile! You'll be surprised to learn that you've probably worked or performed one of these infertility-causing jobs or chores.


You've probably read horror stories and lawsuits about FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that end up causing infertility after a while. But did you know there are ordinary things you've been doing that can make you infertile?

That's what researchers have just found. They studied 500 women for about a decade and came to the conclusion that working night shifts and carrying heavy things lowers your fertility. They found that women doing these two things for work end up with about 20 percent fewer mature eggs and lower levels of hormones associated with fertility.

If you're trying to conceive, here are a few foods you should avoid:

Soy. Some animal studies show that eating a lot of soy can lower your fertility. Of course, keep in mind that soy is very healthy for you on a holistic level – but just don't overdo it to be safe.

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Red clover. The legume red clover has been linked with causing infertility in female sheep. You can choose other great legumes over red clover if you're planning on conceiving – just to play safe.

Red meat. Researchers found that eating red meat instead of vegetable-based proteins increases your risk for ovulatory infertility. That doesn't mean not being vegan or vegetarian makes you infertile – but you will have a lower risk of infertility if you eat less meat and more plant-based proteins, like nuts and mushrooms.

Trans fats. You know trans fats are bad for your heart, but now they've been found to lower your fertility too! In fact, researchers found that regularly taking in trans fats heightens your risk for ovulatory disorder by 73 percent.

If you're trying to conceive and are forced into these fertility-lowering working conditions, you can alleviate some of the damage by upping your exercise. Exercise stimulates your hormones, and helps offset the negative effects of staying up during the night.

Don't let work lower your fertility, choose morning shifts and stay away from heavy duty lifting duties. You should also stay away from fertility-lowering foods. But, if you've already got a nice, big family and aren't planning on conceiving anymore, then you shouldn't have to worry about these foods. You should still avoid working the night shift as it causes other detrimental health effects.