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How Bitter Oranges Helped Cheryl Cole Slim Her Ankles

Bitter Oranges and Weight Loss

Cheryl Cole lost her “cankles” with the help of this metabolism-boosting fruit! How? It's all in the synephrine!


Bitter Orange's Synephrine Helps You Lose Weight

Bitter oranges are the fruit of a South Asian evergreen tree. Their delicacy and medicinal properties made them popular enough to be brought and cultivated all around the world before America was discovered. They're used in marmalades, ice creams, and even soaps!

The fruit contains a compound called synephrine. In one study, participants who ate synephrine experienced a boost in their resting metabolism 75 minutes later without their blood pressure and heart rate rising. This means synephrine raises your metabolism safely, without straining your heart or blood vessels!

There are also claims that synephrine can suppress your appetite. But, these claims haven't yet been examined by researchers.

Does it really work? Celebs think so! Synephrine's weight loss effects are so popular that even celebrity Cheryl Cole has admitted to using it to slim down. She and others claim that it helped them burn fat. She used a synephrine-based cream to burn the fat around her ankles.

Healthiest Ways to Get Your Synephrine

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Some report that synephrine supplements and creams caused them discomfort and a few side effects. It's always best to avoid artificial chemicals when there are natural alternatives. Why risk it with synephrine-based meds when you can simply eat the actual fruit, right?

Here are some natural and tasty ways you can enjoy synephrine's metabolism-boosting effects:

Eat the actual fruit! You can eat bitter oranges like you would lemons. If you enjoy sour flavors, you'll enjoy peeling a bitter orange and biting down on the juicy, sour fruit itself.

Drink bitter orange juice. If you mix bitter orange juice with teaspoons of stevia, it becomes a delicious, sweet and sour summer drink. The stevia sweetens the drink without adding calories to the juice.

Marinade your barbecue! If you're cooking meat, you can make a marinade with bitter orange juice. Just like lemons they give a tangy kick to your scrumptious meal.

Can you burn fat just by drinking fruit juice? With bitter oranges it's possible! To be safe, if you have an underlying medical condition, consult your doctor before trying any synephrine supplements or incorporating bitter oranges into your diet.