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Fight Aging With Fitness: Scientists Found You'll Be Physically Younger If You Exercise Everyday

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Do you want to look younger and stay looking younger? The answer is exercise. Scientists in California found that keeping your fitness up is a secret fountain of youth.


California scientists studied 1500 females who were between 64 to 95 years old. They found that those who exercised 40 minutes or more everyday were biologically 8 years younger than women who sat a lot and exercised less. And the reason goes back to your DNA's telomeres.

Telomeres seem to be the key to eternal youth and life. Almost all research having to do with extending life or anti-aging have to do with telomeres. Red wine or grape juice has been found to help you live longer and stay looking young because its resveratrol acts on your telomeres. Also, meditation and yoga have been found to reverse aging and keep you looking young because they lengthen your telomeres.

Now exercise has been found to boost your levels of a protein called NRF1, which helps preserve your telomeres so they don't shorten and expose your DNA to damage during cellular division.

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Exercise also helps you detox. The chief of women's sports medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin, tells Today, “exercise helps our lungs [and] kidneys get rid of things that can cause us onset of disease.” If toxins aren't lingering in your body, your immunity will be stronger and your cells and DNA won't take on as much damage. Dr. Shilpa Tarugu, who specializes in detoxification treatment, says that exercise is part of her detox center's patient regimen because it helps relieve anxiety and aids in the alcohol detoxification process and helps patients better cope with withdrawal symptoms and their addiction.

Although the recommended exercise is 2.5 hours weekly, if you want to live longer and preserve your youth, you should strive to exercise at least 40 minutes daily. Here are some ways to sneak some exercise into your daily routine:

Walk instead of drive. If your local store is nearby, walk instead of drive. You'll save on gas and you can easily get 30 minutes of exercise from the combined trips there and back.

Do Yoga. One barrier to daily exercise is the monotony and unentertaining aspect. Yoga can be fun and exciting as you try new or different poses everyday. Exercising with others in yoga class also helps you like it more because you'll look forward to meeting up with your newfound friends.

If you want to live longer, researchers say you should exercise for more than 40 minutes each day. You'll be biologically younger than your non-exercising peers and healthier. They also warn you not to sit for more than 10 hours per day.