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FDA Approves a New Surgical Procedure for Back Pain

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The FDA has just approved a new surgical procedure where an artificial disc is used to replace a worn spinal disc. Here's some information.


Did you know that 2.8 million Americans need spinal surgery for their back pain? If you're experiencing back pain over a long period of time, it's best to ask your doctor for a referral to a spine surgeon. He'll be able to consult with you and see whether or not you need spinal surgery or if your problem can be corrected with less invasive measures.

But spinal surgery can be scary. After all, your spine is what's being operated on. Your spine is pretty vital to your everything – it protects your spinal cord, which means a wrong move during surgery can lead to permanent paralysis in the worst case scenario.

But your spine also supports your body and weight – which is one reason why a defect can cause chronic pain. When your spine inadequately supports your body, each movement you make can lead to pain because of the stress on your spine.

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The good news is that the FDA has recently approved a form of spinal disc replacement procedure. The procedure boasts faster recovery times and lowered surgical expenses for both you and the hospital. The artificial disc itself is called activL Artificial Disc by Aesculap. The procedure is currently widely available in virtually all Dallas hospitals.

One reason spine specialists are impressed with this new artificial disc replacement surgery is because it allows your spine a wider range of motions post-surgery than spinal fusion. It also has a lowered risk of negatively impacting nearby discs. If spinal fusion affects adjacent spinal discs, it could lead to the need for future surgeries.

But if you're experiencing back pain, you might not need spinal surgery at all! Yes, there are almost 3 million Americans that need spinal surgery – but that's out of almost 60 million Americans who experience chronic back pain.

Many effective alternate therapies out there can completely reverse your back problems. For example, you can see a chiropractor, who specializes in naturally treating spinal conditions. You should also regularly practice yoga, which has many spine inversion exercises that have been found to effectively treat low back pain.

First try these alternative back pain therapies. Then, if your chronic back pain persists, see your doctor about a referral to a spine specialist. If he recommends spinal surgery, ask him about artificial disc replacement surgery.