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Eating too Much Sodium May Be Linked to Nocturia

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If you're a fan of salt crackers, salted pretzels, and other salty foods, they actually might be the reason why you go to the bathroom too frequently during the nighttime.


What Is Nocturia? Here Are Some Causes and Symptoms

Nocturia is a pretty-sounding word, right? If you could guess, would you think it was the name of a fantasy world or multiplayer game? But, it's not. In fact, it's the name doctors gave the condition where your sleep is interrupted more than once because you have to urinate.

Urinating frequently at night can be caused by many things. If you drink too much before bedtime, you'll need to use the bathroom within the next couple of hours. Some urinary tract infections can also cause nocturia. An enlarged prostrate can also cause you to urinate more frequently at night. Also, some medications increase your urination frequency as well – so these could be the culprit for your nighttime interruptions.

Nocturia could also be a symptom of a dangerous heart condition. When your heart isn't pumping your blood efficiently, body fluids begin to become sluggish toward your lower extremeties. That means the fluid can't be properly filtered by your kidneys until you lie down, which is when the fluid moves quicker (due to less resistance from gravity). When this happens, your bladder obviously becomes full because of the influx of fluid to your renal system and you may end up having to wake up from your sleep to use the bathroom.

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But one of the more common causes of nocturnia is your age. Researchers say that when you're over 60, the likelihood of developing nocturia increases significantly. This is because your bladder is less stretchy, which means it can't hold in as much urine and has to be emptied out a bit more often. Also, your body produces less hormones that tell your kidney to lower its activities at night, which means your kidneys will be filtering out more waste and creating more urine.

The Possibly Easiest Way to Relieve Nocturia Symptoms by Half!

Now Japanese researchers may have found an easy answer to relieve nocturia! Dr. Matsuo Tomohiro studied 321 patients, both male and female, and had them reduce their salt intake significantly during the day and before bed. He found that a 25 percent reduction in your salt intake results in a 50 percent reduction in the number of times you have to wake up to urinate.

What does this mean for you? Although there are many expensive and complex ways to stop you from having to urinate at night, including medications, these novel results offer you a very easy and healthy way to cut your nighttime peeing in half! All you need to do is cut back on salt and you'll also be cutting how often you use the bathroom during bedtime.

Other Ways You Can Relieve Nocturia Symptoms

You can also try these natural ways to relieve your nocturia symptoms:

  • Don't drink coffee or tea before bed. Caffeine can cause you to urinate -- stay away from it a few hours before going to bed.
  • Don't drink alcohol before bed. Like caffeine, alcohol is a diuretic -- but way stronger. Don't drink any alcoholic beverages a few hours before bed.
  • Take an afternoon nap. If your circulation is poor, sleeping during the day helps the stagnant fluid get filtered by your kidneys when you lie down. This lessens the amount of fluid buildup that rush to your kidneys when you sleep at night.