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Doctors Are Urgently Stressing The Importance of Flu Protection This Cold Season: Here's How to Protect Yourself

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Even though it's February and spring is around the corner, you should really protect yourself and your children from the cold and flu. Here's why


In the U.S., four young children died from the flu last month! This caused doctors to go on high alert because childrens deaths from the cold or flu are one of the major signs of a severe flu season. Maybe it won't be as bad as the H1N1 scare, but it could still prove to be very fatal.

Dr. Rachel Robbins of Nassau University Medical Center says children with flu symptoms become more and more numerous with every week that passes. In fact, the medical center has had to stay open 24 hours to treat the growing influx of children with colds and flus.

Experts say the flu season actually peaks in February and the season finally comes to an end in March – so this month is actually the most dangerous month.

Doctors say that washing your hands and getting your kids to wash their hands is one of the best ways to prevent catching a cold or developing the flu.

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If you'd like to lessen your children's chances of catching a dangerous flu or cold, follow these doctor-recommended tips:

Cough or sneeze into your sleeve, behind your elbow. If everyone coughs or sneezes into the point behind their elbow, the risk of spreading the pathogens responsible for colds and flus would significantly lessen. You don't touch objects and people with that part of your body, and no one touches you there either – the highest someone would grab is your arm. That means this point is isolated from contact, which isolates the pathogens coming from your cough or sneeze. It's not just about spread either – when you sneeze or cough into your hands, then put your hands in your eyes or mouth, you'd be reintroducing infectious flu-causing pathogens back into your body, which increases your risk of infection.

Sanitize before touching. Give your children hand wipes so they can disinfect surfaces and objects they have to interact with for a long period of time. Bus rails, school desks and chairs, and other objects they have to contact with for an extended period of time should be disinfected before they touch them.

Take vitamin C and zinc. Take and give vitamin C and zinc supplements to your children and yourself. Vitamin C and zinc have been found to boost your immune system's defenses against colds and lessen the severity and length of a cold and flu infection. Think of these supplements like armor – you can still get the cold or flu even if you take them, but they do help protect you and your children from infection.

This month is the deadliest month of this year's flu season – be aware and be protected!