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Do You Have Ulcerative Colitis? Try These Natural Remedies That Might Reverse Your Disease

ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a very debilitating disease. It's often incurable, with the final option being removal of the colon. But some people have found success with natural remedies. Here are a few.


Ulcerative colitis is a gastrointestinal disorder where your colon is inflamed because your immune system is attacking it. This causes your colon to bleed and the blood is often present in the stool. Since ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disorder, it's a never-ending cyclic battle where your own immune system is destroying your bowel, and your bowel tries in vain to repair itself. Your colon's cells keep dividing to repair themselves, and over many years, this can result in DNA damage from all the replications.

This DNA damage can lead to the creation of cancer cells, which a competent GI doctor would look out for with routine colonoscopies. If precancer cells are present, he'll strongly advise you to remove your colon to prevent the development of cancer.

Even if colon cancer fortunately doesn't develop, life with ulcerative colitis can be very difficult. Going to the bathroom can be painful, and more frequent. You'll also experience bad stomach pains throughout the day, and may even lose your appetite. What's worse, your colon's ability to absorb nutrients is also severely diminished – which can lead to malnutrition, especially if you're already not eating because of a lowered appetite. In severe cases, hospitalization with intravenously delivered nutrients is required.

Medical treatments for ulcerative colitis don't really cure the disease, but only suppress it. Corticosteroids are used to suppress the immune system and the inflammation in the colon. Remicaid is used to suppress the immune system, which works wonders for patients, but makes them prone to opportunistic infections. You're essentially suppressing your body's defenses so that it's not attacking your colon as much – but that also means it's not defending your body as much either.

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There is hope! You guessed it – there are holistically healthy, natural remedies that have been shown to help alleviate and even reverse ulcerative colitis:

Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM has been found to fully cure ulcerative colitis, but doctors caution you not to dive in fully without knowing the risks. TCM uses natural herbs, but some of its remedies certainly carry side effects and aren't as harmless as more mainstream natural remedies. However, studies show that 84 percent of patients treated with TCM experience partial or full remission. Surprisingly, patients treated with mainstream prednisone only had a 60.5 percent effective rate.

Probiotics. Some studies show that ulcerative colitis patients can go into and stay in remission by taking probiotics daily. Experts have a theory that ulcerative colitis might be caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria, which probiotics help re-balance.

Stay away from spicy foods, gluten, and dairy products. Some foods can aggravate ulcerative colitis. These include spicy foods, foods that have gluten, and dairy products (e.g. milk and cheese).

MIND diet. Going on a MIND-like diet can lessen ulcerative colitis symptoms and lower the amount of episodes someone has. Foods in this diet include olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids (walnuts and fish).

Don't lose hope if you're suffering from ulcerative colitis. Even if your doctors' treatments aren't helping as much as you'd like – natural remedies just might finally cure you of your ailment. But make sure to okay any natural remedy you're about to try with your physician.