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Could Eating Deli Sandwiches Make Your Asthma Worse?

Deli Sandwiche and Asthma

Researchers found that something as common as a cold cut sandwich can make you wheeze and make it difficult to breathe.


Have you ever finished eating a cold cut sandwich for lunch and found yourself coughing and getting a bit phlegmy or having a little bit of a hard time breathing? A new study found that eating cured meat frequently, like cold cuts, is about 76 percent likely to worsen asthma. They also found that being obese or overweight has a 14 percent likelihood of worsening asthma too.

This is just another reason to stay away from cured meats, which have already been linked with causing cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and COPD. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified cured meats as carcinogenic! They're basically saying that cured meats are dangerous – there shouldn't be any reason for you to eat them (unless directed by your doctor).

But if you have asthma, Omigy says to also stay away from foods containing these asthma-exacerbating preservatives:

Sodium bisulfite. According to WebMD, dried fruit, wine, processed potatoes, and bottled lemon juice are commonly treated with sodium bisulfite to prevent discoloration and prevent bacteria from growing. But sodium bisulfite can also exacerbate asthma.

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Potassium bisulfite. Potassium bisulfite is also found in wine and dried fruit. It's another asthma-worsening preservative. But it's also used in fresh cut fruit products to prevent browning – so stay away from these at the grocery too if you have asthma.

Sodium metabisulfite. Sodium metabisulfite also inhibits bacterial growth in food. It's used in raisins, potato chips, and fruit concentrate juices. Stay away from these foods and buy fresh fruit juice to avoid this asthma-exacerbating preservative.

Potassium metabisulfite. Potassium metabisulfite is found in molasses, sauerkraut, gravies, and other assorted products. It's also a preservative that's been found to exacerbate asthma.

Sodium sulfite. Sodium sulfite is found in canned clam chowder, beer, frozen pizza, and other preserved products. Like the others, it's a preservative that can make your asthma worse. It's best to stay away from these foods if you're having a particularly tough time dealing with your asthma.

If you have asthma, instead of cold cuts, try a healthy salad with fresh fruits and nuts for lunch or a tofu burger. You can also opt for sandwiches with fresh meat. Stay away from cold cuts because they'll most likely make your asthma worse. Also stay away from preservative-laden foods because they've also been found to exacerbate asthma.