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Considering Botox? Try These Two Healthy Remedies That Act Like Botox

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If you're getting increasingly self-conscious about your wrinkles and sagging face, postpone your dermatologist's botox appointment. Did you know there are natural remedies that may be as effective at removing sagging?


Wrinkles can happen at any age, but they're more prominent when you get past your 30s. Some people get self-conscious and then become baited by the ads they see on television or the internet about botox. It's a false sense of security because you think it's healthy since a licensed dermatologist is offering it – so you think it removes wrinkles the right way. But, botox is a toxin that paralyzes the muscles in your face – it doesn't give you long-term benefits in the slightest. It can even cause some side effects, like bruising, spastic muscle conditions down in your neck, and even a pulmonary embolism!

The good news is there are natural alternatives to botox that may be equally effective in your case. Try these safer remedies before seeing your dermatologist about botox:

Yamuna Body Rolling. Despite its ethnic-sounding name, Yamuna Body Rolling is a technique developed in New York by Yamuna Zake in 1979. Yamuna Body Rolling is divided into four categories – one of them is Yamuna Face Ball. The face ball is specially for facial use. In a professional or self-session, a face ball and a larger neck ball gently massage your neck and face against gravity, which lift the muscles and restore them to their youthful position and help correct and rejuvenate your facial bone structure.

With your muscles and bone structure supporting your face properly again, your face will sag less and less and circulation to your face will improve too.

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Facial exercises. You can tighten your cheeks, neck, and eyelids by doing daily facial exercises. These are free to do, and will help reduce sagging. Lift your lip until you're pouting for a few seconds, then keep the pout and lower your jaw. Repeat the whole process a few times. Raise your eyebrows and hold for five seconds, then open your eyes fully wide. Next, open your eyes fully wide without raising your eyebrows. Repeat this a few times too. Place three fingers on top of one cheekbone and press down gently. Smile to raise your cheekbone. Repeat the process with the other cheekbone.

Try these natural remedies before asking your doctor to inject toxins into your face. You can also look into algae-based v-tox and other botox alternatives too.


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Updated 3/11/2017