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Can Your Fat Cells Make You Look Younger?

fat cells and aging

Trying to lose excess weight is great, but is your excess fat totally bad? Did you know dermatologists can use your fat to make you look younger? In fact, cosmetics companies are jumping on the bandwagon of this new procedure and developing topical products that work the same way.


Doctors can take your fat and inject it into your face to make you look decades younger. First, they liposuction fat from another part of your body, then graft it into your skin. Comprehensive studies found that this procedure reverses signs of aging of your skin.

Why does it work? Fat tissue has stem cells which, when injected into your skin's deeper layers, rejuvenates your skin. Experts theorize the stem cells make new collagen and blood vessels, giving your skin a healthy boost.

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In general, stem cells have been found to renew your tissues when transplanted. They clone the cells of your tissues and support them with new life. Stem cells can replace cells that can't replicate, like your neurons. Because of this, stem cells can treat neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's.

Currently, cosmetic product versions you can put on your face are still in development. Much more testing must be done before you'll see them in the beauty aisle.

But if you're getting liposuction, ask your doctor if he can perform this procedure. Losing weight by exercising and dieting is better than the potential side effects associated with liposuction. But if you're going through the surgery anyway, might as well get some age-reversing perks to your face, right?

Fat isn't totally bad for you! Your doctor can put it to good use by injecting it into your face. In the near future you'll be able to buy creams containing fat stem cells that you can apply to your face.