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Can Wearing Makeup Everyday Harm Your Skin?

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Both men and women wear makeup. It can make you look younger and more beautiful. But is makeup healthy for your face? Depending on which brand you're using, your makeup might actually cause wrinkles and advanced signs of aging.


It's natural to think that girls wear makeup everyday. But some data may suggest that almost 20 percent of men wear some kind of facial cosmetic product, like eyeliner or foundation.

Makeup has its benefits – it can make you look more attractive. Harvard also says that wearing makeup can boost your self-confidence.

But are you really getting a boost in your looks and confidence without any cost (besides the price of your cosmetics, of course)? The answer depends on the brand of makeup you're using. Some cosmetics can contain chemicals that speed up your face's signs of aging. Some ingredients even pollute your body and give your liver a harder time detoxifying them.

If your cosmetics contain any of these common ingredients found in makeup, then you should switch to a safer brand:

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Phthalates. Researchers say that cosmetics often contain phthalates, like dibutyl phthalate. They say there's evidence that phthalate exposure damages the DNA of sperm. Even if you're female, this could mean that phthalate exposure damages your DNA too.

Parabens. Most cosmetic products contain parabens. These chemicals mimic estrogen, and this is the reason researchers think they build up in the breast tissue of breast cancer patients. Although the evidence is divided on whether parabens disrupt your endocrine system and cause cancer, it's best not to intentionally expose yourself to these potentially hazardous chemicals.

Squalene-monohydroperoxide. Squalene-monohydroperoxide has been found to irritate the skin of hairless mice and cause premature wrinkles after repeated application. But researchers found that cosmetics containing squalene-monohydroxide or sodium lauryl sulfate didn't cause these effects – so choose cosmetics that contain these two rather than those that have squalene-monohydroperoxide.

If you're shopping around for new cosmetics, it's best to choose natural alternatives that contain hyaluronic acid or are pure extracts from age-reversing plants.

Be aware of the makeup you're using. Just because you see a particular brand advertised on TV or on the internet, doesn't mean it's good for you.